Reincarnated as a Slime: War Is RIGHT on Rimuru’s Doorstep

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 29 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Being reborn as a slime in an isekai world isn't easy, but salaryman Satoru pulled it off, and he has since united the races of the Jura forest and founded the Jura Tempest Federation. This young nation is seeking legitimacy, but at the same time, Rimuru's enemies are closing in fast, and in Episode 29 of Reincarnated as a Slime, they have arrived at his doorstep.

Rimuru has set up trade relations with the kingdom of Blumund and the armed nation of Dwargo, but the Kingdom of Falmuth isn't in the mood to play nice. This paranoid kingdom has a secret weapon of its own: three more isekai heroes. And they are freely walking the streets of Rimuru's capital -- but so is Myulan.

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The Isekai Trio Stirs Up Trouble

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Rimuru is a city where all visitors and races are welcome, and this multiracial, prospering place is a shocking sight to Shogo and his two isekai friends. Not even the Falmuth Kingdom is this advanced, and Kirara pouts about how much luxury she's been missing out on. But she's also got her mind on the mission: to stir up trouble in Rimuru City and paint Rimuru's citizens in a bad light so the kingdom of Falmuth has an ironclad excuse for aggression against the Federation. The Western Church is backing up this endeavor, and while Rimuru's combat abilities are highly advanced, his diplomacy skills are still limited. If a huge international scandal breaks out, Rimuru might lose control of the situation, and that's what Shogo and Kirara are aiming for.

Sure enough, Kirara causes a stir in the streets when she falsely blames Gobzo for harassing her, but when Gobta arrives on wolfback, he settles the situation by apologizing to Kirara with Gobzo, showing serious diplomacy skills. Then Princess Shuna and Shion arrive, warning that the Falmuth isekai heroes might be unwelcome here after all. But Shogo and his allies are ready for a fight.

All rules are tossed out the window and Rimuru's followers are being tested. Can they uphold the Federation's honor and safety without causing an international incident? Like Rimuru, Shion and Shuna don't have much experience with this, but they have to learn fast, or the situation may spiral out of control. This leaves things to fall in the kijins' hands.

Myulan Is Stuck In A Quandary

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Shogo isn't the only foreigner who's more than he seems in Reincarnated as a Slime. The wandering wizard Myulan is taking orders from Demon Lord Clayman, who is notorious for using and discarding his minions. On his orders, Myulan befriended Youm the hero, and now, she gets another order: to use an anti-magic spell to block all magical communication to and from the city, preventing Rimuru from coming to the aid of his allies as the battle begins. Myulan obeys, but she takes no pleasure from this. In fact, Demon Lord Clayman threatens to destroy Youm, Myulan's love interest, if she doesn't follow orders. Myulan can only find happiness if Demon Lord Clayman gets his way, leading her to reveal her majin form to both Youm and Grucius of the Animal Kingdom as she activates her spell.

Youm, however, is not the least bit bothered. The Myulan he got to know was just a facade, as majin Myulan herself admits, but he doesn't care. He'll continue to cherish that façade even if it's not real, and that will make him happy. Myulan, meanwhile, is very much of two minds as she sets off her spell, and nearby Church members use a spell of their own to complement Myulan's. Now the city is encased in two overlapping barriers, and Shion and Shuna are already struggling as their magic is sapped away. Once again, diplomacy has devolved into a fight, and this time, the odds are decidedly against the Federation -- just as Clayman intended.

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