Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Needs Strength AND Smarts to Lead a Nation

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 26 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the appropriately-titled anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rimuru Tempest the slime has built an entire nation, The Jura Tempest Federation, based on inclusion and cooperation. Now Rimuru urgently needs to build some diplomatic ties with the older, more established kingdoms, or at least be recognized by them. Rimuru is making progress with the Armed Nation of Dwargon and the Animal Kingdom of Eurazanial, both of which require very different strengths and strategies to win over. It's a lot of responsibility, but Rimuru has both the strength and the smarts to handle it.

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Speaking The Beast People's Language

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In the previous episode, three mighty diplomats from the Animal Kingdom arrived in tiger-drawn carriages at the outskirts of Rimuru city, and Shion and the Beastketeer Suphia began trading blows in mortal combat. Now, Rimuru is quickly realizing that this is simply how the Animal Kingdom's people negotiate: with shows of strength and bravery. Shion and Suphia are still striking even, but Shion is charging up her maximum power Magic Bullet. Suphia isn't afraid, believing she can withstand the blow, but everyone else is panicking. At the last second, Albis calls it off, and Shion, who's unable to undo her spell, fires it at Rimuru, who absorbs it to avoid collateral damage. At the same time, Youm the human adventurer struck even with Grucius and impressed him, and as a whole, the beast people are pleased with this show of strength.

This is diplomacy like Rimuru has never seen before, but at least some bridges are being built. Albis and her compansions spend a few days in Rimuru city to learn how this nation works, and they are impressed with the fine liquor and cozy hospitality services there. The beast people are in awe at the magic rune-enhanced water taps in the buildings, and Koby the dog-headed kobold (a Federation citizen) is asked to share the secrets of expert craftsmanship with the beast people. Rimuru also checks in his students, who are learning much from Tiss-sensei after their harrowing exam in previous weeks. So far, all is well, but Rimuru can't rest easy just yet.

Rimuru Reaches Out To Others

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Rimuru's nation is growing steadily, but Rimuru can't be complacent for a single moment. A city is made up of many moving parts, and when Benimaru and Rigur return from the Animal Kingdom and report their findings, Rimuru realizes that the Federation's agricultural department could use an upgrade. The Animal Kingdom has steep inequality, with most people living in huts while the royal family lives in a great palace, but the beast people do have advanced agriculture, and their nation boasts expansive, fertile farming grounds. Rimuru is eager to trade with the Animal Kingdom, sending them liquor and the secrets of craftsmanship in exchange for better farming techniques. By now, the diplomatic ties with Demon Lord Carrion and the Animal Kingdom are growing strong, but what about the dwarves?

A few ex-citizens of the Armed Nation of Dwargon live in the Federation, from Vestia the expert researcher to Kaijin the blacksmith and his three friends. Now it's time to visit Dwargon once again. The ogres Shuna and Shion come along, with Shuna being an expert on polite society and courtesy who can help Rimuru make a good impression. At the nation's front gates, a dwarf guard warmly greets Kaijin, but amusingly, he fails to recognize Rimuru in his human form. After that matter is cleared up, the captain of the pegasus knights, Dorf, escorts Rimuru's party to King Gazel Dwargo's audience chamber, so the real negotiations may begin. With any luck, the Federation's impressive growth will get another huge boost if Rimuru can strike a crafty bargain with the king of the dwarves. It's time to polish those diplomacy skills and let wordplay, not swordplay, advance the interests of the world's youngest kingdom.

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