Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Must Defeat the Western Church – or Die Trying

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 31 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rimuru Tempest's new nation, the Jura Forest Federation, stands as an example of solidarity and progress in a world run by ambitious kingdoms and deadly monsters. For everyone living under Rimuru's gentle rule, it's paradise. In the eyes of the Falmuth Kingdom and the Western Holy Church, however, the Federation is a real headache.

Already, Rimuru is struggling in the shark-infested waters of politics and international economics, though at least he has Gazel Dwargo on his side, the dwarvish king. Now, with Rimuru City under attack, Rimuru needs all the help he can get.

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The Western Church Demands Rimuru's Destruction

Rimuru finds himself locked in mortal combat against Hinata Sakaguchi, who fights for the Holy Empire of Ruberios and the sake of their god, Luminous. She's also fighting on behalf of the Western Holy Church and, by extension, the Falmuth kingdom. She is determined to wipe out Shizu's killer, and Hinata is ready to end Rimuru's life with her soul-cutting blade. Rimuru fights back with a powerful clone, and that clone's destruction prompts Hinata to depart in "victory" and lower the barrier. Rimuru, shaken but alive, teleports to a nearby cave and walks to the city.

The barriers are weakening all monsters inside, and by now, horrific carnage has torn Rimuru City apart. Everything is burning or torn down, and bodies fill the streets. In a back alley, Youm and Grucius of the Beastketeers desperately try to defend Myulan, who had thrown up one of the two barriers, against a wrathful Benmaru. Rimuru breaks up the fight and gathers everyone to talk things out in a meeting.

By now, the rampaging Falmuth army and their three isekai heroes have departed, so it's time to clean up the mess and decide what to do next. Rimuru has been underestimating the strength and resolve of his enemies, and he must take stock of the situation before it can get any worse. Fortunately, he's got some allies to call upon, and a plan in mind.

Rimuru Gets Ready To Fight Back

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It's time to count the dead, repair the burning buildings and make plans for the future. Rimuru is aware that Myulan is partly to blame as a servant of Demon Lord Clayman. Even so, Rimuru keeps his anger in check and instead asks her to explain herself. Rimuru also realizes he shares some of the blame since his pro-human rules backfired. Most kingdoms and human organizations are friendly to him right now, but the Western Holy Church and Falmuth Kingdom are still hostile, and Rimuru allowed those parties to send their troops right into Rimuru City without any opposition.

Rimuru must now practice more discretion when dealing with foreign powers. He realizes that he's been rather naive and simplistic about his politics so far. Not all neighbors are the friendly kind; the Animal Kingdom and the Beastketeers are one thing, but taking Falmuth too lightly nearly cost Rimuru everything.

Rimuru seems to have a few ideas in mind for what comes next, and they don't necessarily involve great armies clashing in an open field or laying siege to Falmuth's capital. Rather, Rimuru sends his ally Mjolmire to the friendly kingdom of Blumund to get help, and Rimuru is also sizing up Demon Lord Clayman as an enemy. Most likely, Rimuru will launch a campaign not to butcher his enemies, but to capture their leaders and discourage them from any more hostilities. Rimuru must carefully balance strength and political savvy to ensure his young nation's survival, and this will be a test like no other. It's time to make Gazel Dwargo proud.

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