Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Is Embracing His Dual, Monstrous Nature at Last

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 33 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Being a slime in another world isn't easy, but Rimuru Tempest pulled it off and formed a brand new monster nation. Now, he is putting himself and the Jura Forest Federation on the world map, and his enemies are closing in. The Falmuth Kingdom and Western Holy Church dealt a dreadful blow to Rimuru's kingdom, but it's time to strike back.

Rimuru did his best to become a capable politician and build economic and political ties with the Federation's neighbors, but not all human kingdoms are willing to play ball. Some enemies can't be negotiated away, so Rimuru must respond in force or his kingdom will crumble. It's time to master death itself.

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Rimuru Outlines His Battle Plans

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Rimuru tried to bring peace to the world, but the human kingdoms and the demon lords, such as Clayman, are more interested in bloodshed and war, so Rimuru can't talk his way out. Already he has a vengeful Hinata on his hands, and the Falmuth Kingdom is determined to see Rimuru's monster kingdom reduced to dust. For now his enemies have backed off a bit, but they'll be back to finish the job so there is no time to waste. So Rimuru gathers his best agents and lays down his plan of action.

Souei, the ogre ninja, has reported that a large Falmuth army of 20,000 troops is approaching. While the other Tempest leaders are concerned, Rimuru is delighted by the news. He won't just halt that advancing army; he plans to confront those troops alone and absorb all of them so he can fuel his transformation into a True Demon Lord. In the meantime, he assigns his fellow leaders to face the Falmuth Kingdom's platoons, dispatch those hostile troops and shut down the barriers that have enveloped Rimuru's capital. Of course, those barriers also contain Shion's and the other fallen people's loose souls, so Princess Shuna and her new friend Myulan must quickly replace those barriers with new ones, or the souls might be lost forever.

All of Rimuru's followers -- from Hakuro to Benimaru and Lord Gabiru -- are deeply motivated and confident that they can strike back at Falmuth's and the Church's forces and achieve victory. They are monsters and citizens of the world's greatest nation, and nothing can get in their way. So they move out and everything is set for the counterattack.

Rimuru's Ascent Into True Lordship

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Rimuru is moving out too, but he's not looking for a fight. In his grief and rage, he has discarded whatever remained of his self-restraint, fully embracing his monster side to achieve his aims. He feels no guilt or trepidation about claiming 20,000 human lives to become a True Demon Lord and revive the fallen, and only a monster would think to do that. But by now, Rimuru has no choice. He's out of time and options, and there's a precedent for what he's trying to do. Some time ago, Milim sacrificed well over 10,000 people to fuel her ascendance into Demon Lordhood, all to bring back her little dragon pet. In this isekai world, might really does make right, and even at this point, Rimuru has not reached the apex of that might.

So far, however, Rimuru's vestigial humanity still holds sway over him. He was once the salaryman named Satoru, and he's never forgotten that. He does not hate humanity -- rather, he accepts the fact that humanity has good and evil alike within it. If the Falmuth kingdom keeps antagonizing him, then he will have to respond with the dark side of monsterdom, and his human side will just have to accept that. Once Shion and the other fallen are revived, however, Rimuru will try once again to negotiate with the human kingdoms, backed up by this show of force, and push for lasting peace. Words alone won't do the job. Rimuru will have to shock the world into listening, and that means reaching the apex of monsterdom by becoming a True Demon Lord. Let the world tremble at his might.

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