Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Hosts the ULTIMATE Summit to Face Clayman

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 37 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Rimuru Tempest began his adventure as a lone slime fighting for survival, but no longer. He has since risen as the Jura Forest's #1 power player, recruiting entire races to his side and building his own capital city of a new monster kingdom. These actions have naturally earned Rimuru some enemies, most of all Demon Lord Clayman. It's time for war.

The dust has barely settled on the battle with the Falmuth Kingdom and Western Holy Church, but Rimuru is calling a summit to rally his many allies and organize an offensive against Clayman to end this war once and for all. More than a few parties are on board, and a few more are joining for the first time -- including Eren's father.

Rimuru Tempest Assigns Roles To Face Clayman

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Most recently in Reincarnated as a Slime, Rimuru harvested the souls of thousands of Falmuth troops to become a true Demon Lord, allowing him to revive all his fallen allies. Now that they are alive and well again, it's time for a general strategy meeting in city hall, and Rimuru has more than a few ideas to share with the crowded room. From the ogres to Rimuru's new demon ally Diablo to the Beastketeers and even the three dwarf artisans, everyone is here.

Notably, as Rimuru assigns everyone unique roles in the upcoming counterattack against Demon Lord Clayman, it becomes clear his leadership skills have only grown stronger since they were last used. Rimuru had previously struggled with international politics but he is highly motivated to defeat his ultimate foe, giving him the confidence and resolve to act as a true leader like never before.

Rimuru makes the stakes clear to his fellows, ordering Shion and some adventurers to interrogate Falmuth prisoners while Benimaru is tasked with assessing the full extent of the Tempest's soldiers and military assets. Rigurd the goblin will negotiate with some of the Western nations, showing Rimuru is smart enough to delegate this work to someone with more leadership experience. It's true that Rimuru is a savvier leader now, but he's not arrogant enough to think he can do everything himself. All this is promising for the upcoming clash with Clayman and the mission to rescue Demon Lord Carrion.

Rimuru Meets Elalude Grimwald, Eren's Father

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More allies join the coalition, proving just how influential and inspirational Rimuru's nation and reputation have become. A familiar face joins the crew: dwarf king Gazel Dwargo and his pegasus knights. Having an experienced general on Rimuru's side is bound to make the upcoming battle go more smoothly. Gazel is a bit gruff but means well, and Rimuru will be wise to listen to him during Reincarnated as a Slime's Clayman campaign.

Another mysterious party made up of several robed and hooded individuals arrives, with the leader stating he is an elf inhabiting a homunculus body. His name is Elalude Grimwald, archduke of the magical nation of Thalion, but he mistakenly thought Rimuru had seduced his precious daughter Eren. Fortunately this mixup is cleared up, and after assessing Rimuru with his own eyes, Elalude agrees to join the general strategy meeting with Gazel to finalize Rimuru's plans.

Eren finds her father overbearing but otherwise seems to think highly of him, and that is promising. There's no telling what input Elalude may have, but given his status, it is likely that he can provide a unique angle on the war and give insights into how to face Clayman's growing anti-Rimuru coalition.

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