Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Gets an Upgrade – snd Makes a Devilish Friend

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 35 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Rimuru Tempest never dreamed of personal glory. Reborn in a fantasy realm as a humble slime loaded with abilities, he sought to unite the feuding monster races to create a new, tolerant kingdom of progress and hope -- until the neighboring kingdom of Falmuth decided to launch all-out war. Now, they have provoked Rimuru's wrath for the last time.

Shows of force are key for diplomacy in this world, even with human kingdoms. Rimuru now understands that he can only protect his people if the sword can back up the pen. His counterattack on the Falmuth army is now underway, and slaughter is the name of the game. But if Rimuru isn't careful, his humanity might be yet another casualty of war.

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Rimuru's Harvest Is Complete

Rimuru is currently casting the mega-powerful spell named Megiddo, which focuses sunlight in floating water orbs to strike down all targets with lethal force. Falmuth's casualties are adding up fast and their knights can't even escape, let alone coordinate a defense or evacuate King Edomalis. Before long, Rimuru descends from the sky and faces the King and Reyheim of the Western Holy Church, both of whom can be blamed for the siege on Rimuru's nation. Cornered and terrified, King Edomalis scrambles to make excuses and appease Rimuru, only to get an arm blasted off by Rimuru's magic. After all that's happened, Rimuru is determined to teach this wrathful king a bloody lesson that the people of Falmuth and the Church will never forget (and then capture them soon after).

In a world of feuding kingdoms and terrifying monsters, just getting an opportunity for peaceful negotiations is a real treat. The monsters here are more often slain by swords and magic. Rimuru is determined to change that pro-human paradigm once and for all and prove that "monster nation" is not an oxymoron. But as he finishes the harvest with his new Merciless skill, he is also proving that his kingdom's legitimacy comes at a massive and bloody cost -- which may deepen other nations' fear of the Jura Forest Federation anyway.

If the solution is as bad as the problem then perhaps the monsters can't win after all, and legitimacy may be impossible beyond a certain point. Demon Lord Carrion and King Gazel Dwargo peacefully recognize Rimuru's nation, but they might end up being the exception. Survival in this isekai world may come at the price of peaceful relations elsewhere. And now, it's time for Rimuru to wrap this up with his Harvest Festival and become a True Demon Lord.

Rimuru Consorts With Dark Powers

rimuru with spell slime

Rimuru, complete with skill upgrades and brand new abilities, reverts to his original slime body in the center of his city. The Gluttony ability is replaced with Beelzebub, and the Raphael ability appears as well. Rimuru allows the Great Sage to take over as the revival spell is cast. But there's not quite enough magic energy to pull it off, so that's where demons come in.

During the battle, Rimuru offered the Falmuth soldiers' dead bodies as tribute to three powerful humanoid demons. Chief among them is Noir, one of the seven primordial archdemons and a real powerhouse who even faced Shizu once. Now Rimuru is consorting with the darkest of powers, and Noir handily defeats Razen (who is in Shogo's body) and returns to Rimuru's side. Noir offers his two demon allies as fuel for Rimuru's spell, and with that demonic energy on hand, the revival spell is cast. As Noir watches, he actually envies the other two demons having the honor of fueling the spell, and is determined to find a way to be useful to his new master. Rimuru having a notorious archdemon by his side -- acting like a deceptively humble butler -- may bode ill for the future.

Rimuru arrived in the world of Reincarnated as a Slime with a gentle heart and a love of humans, but now he's massacring knights and even consorting with demons to cheat death and become the most powerful being in the land. If this keeps up, Rimuru just might make one last sacrifice: his original human heart.

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