Reincarnated as a Slime: Hakuro & Geld Show Rimuru’s Otherworlder Enemies NO Mercy

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 34 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

All Rimuru Tempest wanted to do was to found a new nation based on inclusivity, unity and progress, but the neighboring kingdoms felt threatened, most of all the kingdom of Falmuth and the Holy Western Church, leading to a mounting number of problems. Those two factions united to deal a mortal blow to Rimuru's young kingdom, and now it's time for an eye for an eye, isekai style.

Rimuru is done playing nice. He didn't mind some aggressive diplomacy with the Animal Kingdom, but king Edomalis wants the Jura Tempest Federation gone, and he's already massacred Rimuru's people. Now, the world's strongest slime is mobilizing his army to strike back, and there's no going back.

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Geld & Hakuro Confront Falmuth's Isekai Heroes

Rimuru and Shizu aren't the only otherworlders in this fantasy realm. King Edomalis recruited three Japanese young adults named Shogo, Kyoya and Kirara, granting each of them unique skills. Shogo and Kyoya, in particular, are backing up their Falmuth allies at their camps around Rimuru's city, where Geld the Orc Lord and Hakuro the Kijin go to confront them. Geld challenges Shogo to mortal combat, while Hakuro once again challenges Kyoya, who had gotten the best of him back in Rimuru City. Kirara, however, is nowhere to be seen.

As Benimaru, Gobta, Gabiru and the others dispatch the Falmuth troops and their barrier-generation crystals, Geld and Hakuro avenge both their fallen comrades and their own bruised honor as they lay a beating on their otherworlder opponents. Kyoya was confident in his all-seeing eyes and sword skills, but to his shock, Hakuro didn't just keep pace; he came out ahead. Just as Kyoya launched his last desperate attack, Hakuro swiftly decapitates his otherworlder foe. He presents this severed head to Shogo, whose morale shatters. Not even when he steals Kirara's powers (at the cost of her life) can he stand up to Geld but, thankfully for him, Razen, the Falmuth priest intervenes.

Rimuru & Razen Make Their Move

rimuru slime

Razen escorts Shogo to safety, but not for Shogo's own sake. Instead, Razen uses a soul-stealing spell to force Shogo's soul from his body, and transfers his own soul into Shogo's body. Now he's stronger than ever, and he's ready to serve the Falmuth kingdom with a new face and Demon Lord-level power -- according to his own estimates, at least. So far, he's not making a move against Rimuru and the Federation forces, but he may appear again later to oppose Rimuru in some fashion.

Meanwhile, Rimuru flies through the skies and into position over the Falmuth army's main camp. As Shuna and Myulan conjure a new barrier to contain the souls of the fallen, Rimuru fires up his deadliest spell yet: Megido. Once it's cast, the conjures spheres of water in the sky, catching the sunlight and focusing beams of magical energy on every Falmuth soldier with a sniper's precision. The deaths start adding up fast, and the Great Sage counts in real-time as Rimuru slowly approaches the 10,000 threshold he needs. The idea is to take out all 20,000 Falmuth troops so he can use their souls to bring back his own fallen comrades.

Rimuru's resolve to embrace his monster side and protect his people from warmongering human kingdoms might finally convince his neighbors to choose diplomacy. This incredible show of force proves Rimuru won't stop until he becomes a True Demon Lord who can not only protect his people, but also revive the fallen -- most of all Shion. If Milim could do it, then Rimuru can, too. He must; he's lost too much. Sometimes, survival in an isekai world means fighting dirty.

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