Reincarnated as a Slime: For Rimuru, Diplomacy Means… Mortal Combat?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 25 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Season 2 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has arrived at last, and in the premiere episode, Rimuru Tempest, leader of the Jura Tempest Federation, is juggling more than a few responsibilities. On one hand, he's got Shizu's students; on the other, some serious diplomacy.

The Federation is seeking legitimacy in the face of older, more established nations such as the Ingrassia Kingdom and Dwargon, and this time, Rimuru is trying to build some proper bridges with Demon Lord Carrion's nation of beast-people. Easier said than done.

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Rimuru Gets His People Ready

Rimuru is first seen at Freedom Academy, where he and his students share bittersweet feelings about their time together coming to a close. They have just a month remaining, and Rimuru trusts Tiss-sensei to handle the kids after Rimuru retires as their teacher. Already, Rimuru has done so much for these five, from training them all the way to sending them off on their first big test. Now Rimuru must head back to his new hometown and get ready for another big job: building diplomatic ties with Demon Lord Carrion. There is a lot to do, and Rimuru needs to oversee the preparation.

Rimuru the slime has survived hostile Orc Lords, vengeful ogres (now allies), Charybdis the flying monster and more. He knows how to look after himself, but this is an entirely new challenge that can't be gobbled away with the Predator skill. The young Federation must make a good first impression, or risk being ignored or ridiculed by the other nations for all time. Rimuru prepares a delegation to visit lord Carrion's nation, and Benimaru the ogre insists that he assess the place in person before deeming it safe for Rimuru to visit (Rigur is coming too). Rimuru also makes sure that the reception hall is looking its best and gives a hopeful speech to the assembled crowd on the day of the delegates' departure. Soon after that, Rimuru greets Youm and the other adventurers to the city as guests and friends.

All this shows just how far the united races have come, proving that Rimuru is ready for any challenge, even something as tense and high-stakes as international diplomacy. It's an impressive step, but of course, a few monkey wrenches are about to get tossed into the works. Demon Lord Carrion's own delegates have their own opinions of a blue slime commanding humans and goblins.

Clashing At The Border

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Lord Carrion's own delegates arrive in three tiger-drawn carriages. Rimuru's party greets the delegates in the middle of a wide dirt road, outside the city limits. The first delegate to introduce herself is the noble and elegant Albis, the Golden Serpent, but things get messy when the brash and rambunctious Suphia bursts out of her own carriage, spoiling for a fight. She can't believe her eyes; how can a puny little slime creature, allied with mere humans, be worthy of diplomacy and fair trade with the mighty beast people? Shion is outraged by Suphia's constant insults, and sure enough, Rimuru is ready to trade blows with Suphia to impress her. No one is going to die today, but Rimuru realizes that beast people like Suphia respond to shows of force, not pretty words. Youm volunteers to fight her, but Shion takes over, determined to defend her boss's honor.

Now it's on, and Shion and Suphia fight bare-handed in an earth-shuddering exchange of blows. Both ladies are clearly enjoying themselves, each daring the other to back down first, and the third Beastketeer, a swordsman named Grucius, faces the human hero Youm in a clash of blades to match Suphia and Shion's own battle. Rimuru is dismayed that the negotiations devolved into a brawl so fast, but then again, this was his idea, so he'd better see it through to the end. Rimuru is coming into contact with races, nations and cultures vastly different than his own, and that means adjusting his rhetoric to match. Rimuru's politics must be as malleable and flexible as his slime body, or his nation will suffer the consequences.

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