Reincarnated as a Slime: All You Need To Remember for Season 2, Part 2

That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime's second season is split into two parts. The first half concluded in the winter 2020-21 anime season. Now, the second half of Season 2 is gearing up to launch in July, and there is a lot to keep in mind before the first episode airs on July 6.

This is an action-comedy isekai series starring Rimuru Tempest, the world's most powerful slime, and his many friends in the Jura Tempest Federation, a union of disparate races in the Jura Forest region. But this is no ordinary MC power trip -- Rimuru aims to create a peaceful and tolerant nation for all, with his own glory being a far lower priority. Here's where all the major plot points stand as Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2, Part 2 begins.

Rimuru Has Become an International Politician

gazel rimuru slime

Rimuru is the uncontested leader of his newly-built nation in the Jura Forest, but Season 2 has already made it clear that other world leaders are wary of this new monster kingdom, with some nations downright hostile. He began fostering ties with the neighboring Animal Kingdom, led by Demon Lord Carrion. Their first meeting at the border turned into an all-out brawl, so the three Beastketeers could test the strength of Rimuru and his allies. The Beastketeers, including Suphia and Grucius, were impressed and helped build diplomatic ties with the Animal Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the dwarf king Gazel Dwargo took it upon himself to become Rimuru's protege, teaching him the inner workings of statecraft and international politics. It's true that Rimuru has the total loyalty of all his subjects, but now he's on the world stage and sorely lacks in allies and political clout compared to other leaders. If he doesn't catch up quickly, his new monster kingdom may fall apart.

Fortunately, Rimuru has Demon Lord Carrion and dwarf king Dwargo on his side, as well as strong ties with human adventurer bands such as Youm's group. This should help enhance his image with human kingdoms and political factions, but will it be enough? Rimuru has plenty of enemies to deal with in the Reincarnated as a Slime's next arc.

How Rimuru Became a True Demon Lord

rimuru with sword slime

An alliance soon formed between the powerful Falmuth Kingdom and the Western Holy Church, with their goal to take down Rimuru's Jura Tempest Federation once and for all. Rimuru didn't see this coming, and his enemies have several tricks up their sleeve. In addition to a powerful joint army, these two factions also summoned three isekai heroes to fight on their behalf, and Demon Lord Clayman, who is secretly pulling the strings, has Milim Nava on his side. Rimuru was drawn away and clashed with Hinata Sakaguchi, returning home to find his city devastated, and the bodies -- including Shion's -- were piled high. Something snapped in Rimuru's mind, and he fully embraced his monster side at last.

Out of desperation, Rimuru inquires about Milim's origins and learns that if he can sacrifice enough human lives, he will become a True Demon Lord himself, gaining new powers. He then launches a fierce counterattack, personally slaying thousands of Falmuth troops and battle wizards while harvesting all their souls to fuel the ritual. Rimuru's transformation is complete -- at the expense of the entire Falmuth army -- and he uses his new abilities to capture the souls of all his fallen citizens and revive the dead. It works, and Shion and the others are back in fighting shape.

As Reincarnated as a Slime dives into Season 2 once more, there's no going back. Rimuru has proved he will become a true monster if threatened, which may have serious ramifications for his delicate political position on the world stage. Aside from Demon Lord Carrion, who will want to ally with such a monster? Worse yet, Carrion is in trouble since Demon Lords Milim and Frey took him down and devastated his nation. But Rimuru has one more ace up his sleeve: the revived Veldora, who has been reborn in a human male body. Another power player has stepped onto the stage, and it's anyone's guess what will come next. Rimuru's enemies, beware.

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