Raymond Revel Drops Positive Retro Record “Take a Break”

The incurably optimistic Raymond Revelencourages everyone to Take A Break on his latest track fittingly titled “Take A Break”. Pure positivity reigns supreme on the piece, neatly dovetailing it into his quickly growing discography. Another example of his “each project is different” philosophy, this one has a distinctly retro flair to it, though the lyrics hint at the contemporary longing for the past. Due to his refusal to be pigeonholed it is a delight to see his journey through so many different genres, and how effectively he captures the spirit of each one.

​Production, like usual, continues to have crystal clarity to it. Vocal treatment on the track adds to its glowing reassuring stance. With the fear of missing out that comes from the constant online addiction, Raymond makes sure that the listener knows there is value in simply logging off and appreciating the world around them.

“Take A Break” feels particularly timely, given the undue level of importance we all give to the online world when there’s a whole other world out there. Raymond Revel’s sound is pure sunshine and encourages the listener to seek some of that sunshine out.