Ranking of Kings: One Line Could Predict the Course of the Anime

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Ranking of Kings up until Episode 7 "The Prince's Apprenticeship."

Prince Bojji is an immediately recognizable character in the current anime season. Portrayed in an art style that's atypical of modern anime, he has a striking appearance even among the cast of Ranking of Kings. His proportions are similar to a chibi style, where his head is nearly the same size as the rest of his body, while most other characters better match the anime norm. His comically small stature is showcased at the beginning of Episode 1, where Bojji is with his mother. He could easily fit in the palm of her hand, and he hasn't grown much in the years since her passing. On top of his size, Bojji also has no physical strength to speak of.

However, his design may have more behind it than just making him appealing to viewers. In Episode 5, when Kage and Bojji make it to the Underworld in search of a way to make Bojji stronger, they're both affected by a strange gas. Upon being brought to King Desha, he's surprised that the curse hadn't killed them. He takes a look at the pair and learns that they're still alive because they're already cursed. In regard to Bojji, he says, "One is a giant who has had his power taken." This statement is further supported in Episode 7 when Despa learns that Bojji can enjoy his own cooking because he has the stomach of a giant.

Ranking of Kings Bojji Promise

Genetically, Bojji is a giant like his parents. However, he's been cursed in a way that his power, and potentially his growth, have been removed or suppressed. This could have occurred when he was a baby or even before his birth to ensure that he would never be fit to rule. The question therefore becomes: who could have done it? As the episodes go by, it becomes more apparent that something dark is happening behind the castle walls. Someone is trying to break down the royal family and take the throne for themselves. It's unknown exactly how long they've been acting on this plan, but it's finally coming into motion in the most recent episodes. It's entirely possible that whoever is behind this plan also put the curse on Bojji.

What does this mean for the series going forward? Bojji is now being trained by Despa and seeing success, despite his shortcomings. Meanwhile, Desha is aware of the curse inhibiting the young prince. Should Bojji and Kage become aware of it as well, the next step in their journey could be seeking out a way to break the curse. Depending on how the magic system works in Ranking of Kings, this could result in a quest to find a mystic healer or tracking down the one who created the curse.

Ranking of Kings Boss Demon

Either way, had outside forces not taken his power and stature, Bojji would have been fit to be the next king. Should his other giant traits be restored, he may be able to regain his rightful place. His right to rule was already taken from him against his father's wishes, and he would only have more reason to return home when he learns about what's happening to his family. With all this in mind, Ranking of Kings could very well return all of the power Bojji has lost.

This does run the risk of dampening Ranking of Kings' underdog story and message to focus on one's talents rather than those that are lacking, but Bojji is lacking what should have been his from the start. He deserves to get that power back and use it against whoever took it from him.

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