Ranking of Kings’ Biggest Questions After the Season 1 Finale

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Ranking of Kings, now streaming on Funimation.

Ranking of Kings has concluded its first season after airing 23 episodes. The anime follows the story of Prince Bojji, a weak and deaf prince who couldn't hurt a fly, as he gets entangled in the middle of a nasty power struggle following his father's death. The anime started strong by throwing one plot twist after another and efficiently expounding on its characters and their motivations, and the series proves that there are no completely bad or absolutely good characters -- only characters motivated by their personal goals.

The final episode of Season 1 elicited a variety of reactions from its viewers. The episode focuses on the redemption of the anime's main antagonist, Miranjo. With her ending up as Daida's soon-to-be wife, Bosse Kingdom's biggest threat has come to pass. However, the anime's first season also leaves a lot of questions.

Where Are Bojji And Kage Headed Now?

Ranking of Kings E5 Bojji and Kage cursed

By defeating his father, Bojji saves his kingdom from peril. However, he remains the vanquished prince, as Prince Daida is still Bosse Kingdom's crowned king. The problem quickly solves itself when Daida voluntarily renounces the throne to its rightful owner. Witnessing Bojji's incredible fight against King Bosse easily convinces Bosse's strongest subordinates to submit to Bojji. Belonging to the Shadow Clan, Kage leaves Bojji, believing that he has no right to stay by the prince's side. Bojji relinquishes his crown, with Queen Hiling's support, and searches for his friend. When the beloved pair met, Bojji declares that he will start his own kingdom, just as his father once did.

With Bojji's strength, there is little that can pose a threat to them. However, power alone cannot build a kingdom. The two can follow in Bosse's footsteps and slowly build a following by helping others. With Bojji's pure heart, this is the most likely scenario. The other option is to go to the Underworld and start there. Bojji and Kage already have an established connection in the Underworld, and it's likely that they are already known by its denizens. They may find it easier to recruit the citizens of the Underworld, especially since Bojji possesses near-unparalleled fighting prowess.

What Will Happen To Bosse Kingdom?

Ranking of Kings E9 Daida in The Sunken Place

Despite relinquishing the throne to Bojji, Daida is once again crowned as Bosse Kingdom's ruler when his brother decides to continue his adventures. This time, however, no more dangers are threatening the kingdom. Miranjo's troubled past and her problems have already been resolved, with Daida accepting her for who she is and taking her as his wife. Miranjo's cunning and intellect and Bosse's four trustworthy warriors remaining in the kingdom should be able to defend it from most dangers.

This raises the question of what will happen to the Bosse Kingdom next. Will it fade out of the series and live happily ever after -- or will it be attacked by the Gods once they learn of Miranjo's situation, forcing Bojji to defend it?

What Is King Desha's Reward For Being The No. 1 King?

Ranking of Kings Desha

The last episodes of Ranking of Kings revealed that Desha and Despa planned to save their brother by asking the devil to relinquish his immortality. However, Daida sabotages that plan by asking for Miranjo's revival instead. When Despa reports this unforeseen turn of events to his brother, Desha is surprisingly nonchalant about it. The next scene then shows him accepting the rewards for being No. 1 in the Ranking of Kings.

Desha accepting the reward right after hearing Despa's report hints that it may be a key to saving their brother Ouken. However, the anime has also disclosed that all previous kings who held that title somehow chose the same reward and have either gone mad or missing. The question now is this: what exactly is the reward and what is Desha planning to do with it?

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