Radio Station Calls On DJs to Remix Gaffe From New Zealand COVID-19 Response Minister

An unintentional slip of the tongue from New Zealand's COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins could be a catalyst for the career of one local music producer. 

At a press conference over the weekend, Hipkins was addressing the notion that Kiwis living in high-density areas face the struggle of being unable to get outside without posing a risk to public health. However, in the moment he used some awkward phrasing, leading to a blunder in which he said Kiwis were looking to get out and "spread their legs" instead of "stretch their legs."

The gaffe wasn't lost on anybody, including local dance music radio station George FM, who are now calling on music producers and DJs to give their best attempt at remixing the humorous audio clip. The station is offering the best remix airplay on the "George Breakfast" show as well as a George FM bucket hat.

According to Newshub, this is not the first time George FM has rewarded producers for bringing levity to the messaging of public officials. Last year, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern repeatedly used the phrasing "spaced out" to explain the concept of socially distanced events. Producer Ayden Harris seized the moment to turn her words into a blistering trap remix, which was uploaded to the station's YouTube channel.

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Producers interested in being considered for the competition must send their remix to this email address for consideration.