Purity Ring Just Dropped A Surprise Cover Of “Better Off Alone”

“Better Off Alone” is one of those dance tracks that has broken through the confines of our community and is now a fully fledged pop track, not by virtue of its production, but merely by its own popularity. Throughout the years, it’s been covered, remixed, and more, but now Purity Ring are throwing their hat in the ring with a new downtempo cover.

Part of the appeal of the original was its fast tempo, high energy rave sound — and that’s not what Purity Ring is about. They slow down the track to a dreamy lull, with Megan James’s misty vocals gliding atop the synths. For fans of the group, this version will surely scratch an itch they didn’t know they had. For fans of the original, this cover will come off as far too slow and soporific.

Either way, you’ll have to listen and find out for yourself how you feel. Listen below!