Pretty Cure: Which Pink Protagonist Is the Best?

Pretty Cure is now on its 18th season, and over those 18 seasons, there have been a ton of pink Cures. These girls usually lead their respective teams into battle against whatever monstrous foe gets in their way. But, despite sharing color and position, each pink Cure is very different.

From upbeat girls full of hope to shy girls trying to find their place in the world, every pink Cure brings something different to the table, and each one has a unique look. But who is the best? Here are the five pink Cures that will stick with you long after their series has ended.

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5. Hanadera Nodoka - Cure Grace

Cure Grace

Nodoka is the leader of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She has the perfect Precure look with her pink hair and wide pink skirt. However, thanks to a lot of shade variance, the costume is super pink without being an eyesore. On top of this, her flower-themed moves are a beautiful and enjoyable visual spectacle whenever they're used.

However, it's Nodoka's personality that makes her stand out from the other Cures. After a severe illness, Nadoka fights to heal and decides to help people in pain or distress. While many Cures are selfless, Nodoka's arc focuses on the work that true selflessness requires as she often makes mistakes and has to learn to reconcile with people she has hurt or upset. On top of this, Cure Grace has to learn how to forgive herself, as she is often consumed by guilt, especially after her illness flares up and she tries to cover it up by overtraining to the point of exhaustion. This nuance makes Nadoka an understandable character and someone who all viewers can empathize with, as we have all accidentally hurt someone and we all often struggle to forgive ourselves for our transgressions.

4. Nono Hana - Cure Yell

Cure Yell

The leader of the Hugtto! Pretty Cure team, Cure Yell has an idol-like look that features many bows and ribbons. This totally fits her personality as the Cure of High Spirits as it means her outfit is constantly moving and bouncing when she moves. While most of her clothes are pink, Yell's outfit has many pink with yellow and seafoam green details that help it really pop. Hana's spirited cheerleader theme also plays a part in her attacks, as her "Heart For You!" attack uses pompoms to purify the enemy.

Cure Yell is one of the more vulnerable Cures and often struggles with her self-confidence. She regularly compares herself to others and is usually blind to her own good qualities, something that nearly everyone experiences. But her desire to cheer on others and help them through their problems is what makes her so inspiring to watch. As the series progresses, Cure Yell goes on a journey of self-discovery that helps her learn to love and respect herself while learning how to assert herself and stand up for her morals.

3. Momozono Love - Cure Peach

Cure Peach

Coming from Fresh Pretty Cure!, Love has a design that screams Precure. Her long blonde hair contrasts with a dress that is resplendent in shades of pink and white. While it is one of the more basic Cure designs, it feels so pure that you can't help but love it. This simplicity carries through to her basic Love Sunshine attack, a heart-shaped purifying beam that totally fits her character.

Love, like many of the Pretty Cure leaders, is an upbeat and optimistic girl. However, this optimism is something she has to work for, as her highly empathetic nature means that she often gets upset when other people have bad luck or when she can't help people. Though, Cure Peach does have a selfish streak, which can often cause her to accidentally upset people. On top of this, she is very clumsy and sucks at sports, making her quite unique among the various PreCure team leaders, as these two sides of her personality frequently clash. However, as the series progresses, Cure Peach learns how to balance these sides of herself and begins to feel comfortable in her own skin.

2. Hanasaki Tsubomi - Cure Blossom

Cure Blossom

Tsubomi is the pink Cure of Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and has a controversial design due to her large eyes and strange body shape. However, her cherry blossom-inspired outfit is cute, especially the petals on her gloves, boots and skirt. This motif carries through to her attacks, which often involve swirling or falling cherry blossoms, which always look cool, no matter the context.

However, what sets Tsubomi aside from other Cures is her personality. Unlike the usually outwardly happy pink Cures, Tsubomi starts out shy and timid and often won't talk unless spoken to. She also worries a lot and tends to make herself anxious with her constant fixation on her worries and her rather lonely upbringing. Of course, throughout the show, Tsubomi grows as a person. However, her growth is handled so well, as rather than simply becoming not shy, she constantly works to become more assertive while still accepting her love for silence. On top of this, Tsubomi embracing her flaws is a fantastic moment that resonates with audiences of all ages.

1. Haruno Haruka - Cure Flora

Cure Flora

Fans often say that Haruka, the leader of the Go! Princess Pretty Cure is the best pink Cure, and it isn't hard to see why she is so popular. Her design is iconic, with her fluffy pink dress combining princess and magical girl aesthetics to create something memorable without being too far over the top. Haruka's attacks keep this blend, putting a creative twist on traditional flower and princess motifs.

Haruka is a positive girl who believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they put in the work. However, despite this belief, Haruka is easily discouraged and can quickly become glum if things don't go her way. This, mixed with her clumsy, stubborn and impulsive nature and her struggles with her princess classes, mean she often needs to take a step back and listen to her own advice. However, as the series progresses, Haruka falls into despair and pulls herself back as she learns to push through difficulties and to keep her hope, no matter how dire the situation may seem.

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