Power Rangers: Lord Drakkon Can NEVER Really Be Redeemed

BOOM! Studios have been hard at work on their popular series of Power Rangers comics, and with the relaunch of its flagship Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic in November 2020, fans will get to see their favorite Rangers back in action alongside an unexpected ally. Since early summer of this year, BOOM! has been teasing the idea that Lord Drakkon, the tyrannical ruler of the World of the Coinless and greatest enemy of the Rangers, might come back to join the Rangers as a hero. The new series, entitled Power Rangers is set to release in November of this year, and while seeing Tommy Oliver back in action as Lord Drakkon will be absolutely awesome, it's important to show just why Lord Drakkon can NEVER really be forgiven for the things he has done.

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Power Rangers will be written by Ryan Parrott -- who also wrote the first part of this relaunch, Mighty Morphin -- with art by Francesco Motarino. The series will expand upon the changes done in the recent Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic where Jason, Zack, and Trini took up new roles as Omega Rangers and disobey Zordon to ally with Drakkon. It's understandable why the Rangers would go to their old enemy to fight a new, much greater foe, but bringing Drakkon onto the team permanently is a step too far.


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Lord Drakkon has done more damage to multiple worlds in the Power Rangers universe than any other of the Rangers foes. For starters, in the Drakkon universe, Tommy Oliver assumed his powers through Rita Repulsa and became the Green Ranger. Instead of leaving Rita and joining the Rangers as a hero like in the mainline Power Rangers universe, Tommy stayed with Rita and stole the White Ranger's powers as well, allowing him to overpower any Ranger that stood in his way. He went so far in his quest for domination that he teleported through time and space to kill the other multiverse-versions of Tommy Oliver so that these other worlds could also fall to his influence.

Additionally, it was Drakkon who brainwashed the Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart, into becoming known as the Ranger Slayer. After killing the Red and Blue Rangers, Drakkon imbued Kimberly with dark power and turned her into the most powerful Ranger ever -- other than himself, of course. Drakkon was defeated by Kimberly after the brainwashing wears off, but she has shown that her time with Drakkon weighs heavy on her heart. The Ranger Slayer appears in the recent mini-series Drakkon: New Dawn and attempts to rebuild The World of the Coinless after Drakkon's death, but it is no easy task to gain the trust of her people after they saw her work side-by-side with him.

Drakkon was so evil in his time that he went so far as to steal the powers of the Morphin Grid and the Heart of the Master and destroy the entire multiverse, replacing it with a twisted world if his design. In this world, he was loved by the Rangers and seen as a benevolent ruler instead of the insidious tyrant he was. The only reason Drakkon was defeated and the multiverse was restored was thanks to that universe's Tommy Oliver. It is a reoccurring theme in the Power Rangers comics that Drakkon can only really be stopped by Tommy himself, but Drakkon has killed many versions of Tommy Oliver, so this partnership with the Rangers could all be some cruel plot for Drakkon to resume power over the world.

Lord Drakkon has done far too much damage in his time to be trusted with anything --- least of all as a member of the Rangers team. It's true that he is the most powerful Ranger we have ever seen and perhaps it does make sense to use him as a last-ditch effort when all else fails, but redemption is far from possible for this man. As the White Ranger, Tommy is shown to be able to take Drakkon in a fight, but when restored to his former power even the White Ranger is sure to struggle to best his counterpart. He might be part of the ship, but he will never be part of the crew.

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