Porter Robinson Highlights Anthony Fantano’s Infamous “Worlds” Album Review During Festival Set

If you blinked during Porter Robinson's captivating Second Sky festival set over the weekend, you may have just missed the electronic music artist taking a tongue-in-cheek shot at one of Worlds' biggest critics.

Years later, music reviewer Anthony Fantano, theneedledrop on YouTube, is still taking some flak from fans for scoring Robinson's debut album a contentious 5/10 back in 2014. In that fateful review, Fantano said he wasn't a fan of Robinon's stylistic reset at the time, indicating he much preferred the direction of his more EDM-centric prior EP, Spitfire.

Fantano has seemingly come around to Robinson's musical stylings in more recent times, even awarding Nurture an 8/10 earlier this year. However, that didn't stop Robinson from digging up ancient history and including a snippet of Fantano's Worlds review in his Second Sky concert visuals over the weekend. 

As "Divinity" plays in the background, fans elicit an audible cheer the moment Fantano's face appears on screen with his score, a "strong 5," boldly displayed.

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Porter Robinson Highlights Anthony Fantano's Infamous "Worlds" Album Review During Festival Set

Anthony Fantano has published hundreds of album reviews, but few have driven the controversy compared to his take on Porter Robinson's debut.

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Despite the visual jab, Fantano found the humor in his image being included on the main stage. Following his more favorable review of Nurture earlier this year, the two connected for a live interview on YouTube to hash it all out.

"Dude, you need to listen to Spitfire again," Robinson joked during the interview. "That is not as good as you think it is." Check out the full discussion, which covers Fantano's infamous Worlds opinions, Robinson's creative processes, and much more here.


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