Police break up 500 strong illegal rave in the UK

An illegal rave of up to 500 people has been shut down by police in the Brecon Beacons.

Dyfed-Powys Police said revellers from as far as Essex and London attended the event in the Grwyne Fawr Valley, near Crickhowell, early on Sunday.

Officers set up a road block following calls from local residents before entering the site later that morning.

Three vehicles were recovered and controlled drugs seized, while barriers and gates had been damaged.

Due to the darkness at the remote woodland location in the early hours, resources and a lack of radio signal in the area, police waited until later Sunday morning before moving onto the site.

However when they did, officers were met with hostility, abuse and threats by some of the estimated 300 people still on the site, police said.

Amongst the 500 attendees, revellers joined from London 163 miles away — a three-hour journey.

Police moved on to the scene after residents complained of a worryingly high amount of traffic on Saturday night and Sunday morning. On arrival, police set up roadblocks to stop traffic heading to the national park where the illegal party was taking place.

A police spokesperson said, “a certain portion of those attending were hostile to police attendance, directing abuse and threats towards the issuing officers,” after hundreds stayed through the night into the next afternoon.

According to the Dyfed-Powys Police Department, police were met with hostility and abuse from the remaining revellers as they refused to leave.

“Social media was used to disclose the location at the last possible minute in order to prevent law enforcement from taking preventative measures,” said Insp Gwyndaf Bowen. “Some of those that came to the rave were from as far afield as Essex and London.

“Officers reported there was no sanitary provision at the site and a large amount of litter was evident at the scene. Police received reports of obstructed roads which hindered police and residents’ movements.”

Around 100 vehicles were found near the location — three of which were seized. Drugs were also seized on-site, while damage was done to the private land and fences owned by local farmers.