Pokémon: 5 Harsh Realities Of Being Released Back Into The Wild (& 5 Perks)

Living within the Pokémon universe seems like it's an adventure waiting to happen for trainers, but what about the Pokémon? Going from the wild to living with a trainer is absolutely an adjustment. Suddenly, there's someone with you and taking care of you daily.

From training and going on adventures to simply relaxing with each other, a trainer and their Pokémon develop a unique sort of relationship of trust and love. But what happens when the trainer suddenly releases their Pokémon back into the wild? Are they able to adapt to the life they had before being with a trainer, and does this change their dynamic with possible new trainers in the future?

10 Harsh Reality: A Loving Bond Can Be Broken

Ash and his Pikachu

It's not easy to be cast aside. A trainer and Pokémon can become close even without the overarching loom of the capture. But when a trainer does choose to capture a Pokémon, both of their lives are forever changed.

Spending almost every moment together is bound to form a bond. And if the two get along, suddenly being released back into the wild is practically a nightmare. They no longer have that friend they came to love and trust by their side anymore.

9 Perk: A Terrible Bond Can Be Broken

A.J. and overworked Rattata in Pokémon

Not all trainers are nice and caring towards their Pokémon. The only way to be rid of a cruel trainer may be to be released in some cases, so for some Pokémon, this might be a blessing. If that is the only option, being free from their trainer isn't a harsh reality but a perk. They have freedom away from a life they didn't ask for.

8 Harsh Reality: They Must Find Their Own Source Of Food

Anime Pokemon Skwovet Eats Mouth Full

If captured in an unevolved state, the Pokémon will become accustomed to someone else preparing their meals. In this case, if they're released into the wild, there's a chance they won't know how to hunt for themselves. Finding food and foraging would be newer concepts, or at least something that must be relearned since they never had to do it with the trainer.

7 Perk: They Get Freedom From Battles

two pokemon battling

Not all Pokémon would enjoy battling, just like how not all people like intense battle games. But once captured, the chances of the Pokémon having to partake in a battle are much higher than if they were left alone. Being released would mean they never had to battle again. Their fights are now in their own hands, and they can decide when it's worth getting involved and when it's not.

6 Harsh Reality: They Have To Adjust To Not Having Battles Anymore

Anime Pokemon Bagon Battle Ready

Going from fighting daily to never having to fight again can be a hard adjustment. A part of their life is suddenly ripped out from underneath them, and some Pokémon might enjoy it after all. Regardless of whether they've fought in many battles or just one, it's an adjustment to get used to that lifestyle. So, when it's suddenly changed and they're not needed to fight anymore, it can be even harder getting out of that mindset.

5 Perk: They Can See The World From A New Perspective

While caught, the Pokémon are only able to see what their owners let them see. Regardless of how free the Pokémon are allowed to be, there are still restrictions on where they can go and what they can do.

When released, those restrictions are gone. The Pokémon can go as far as they want or stay cozy right in their new home. There's also no need to go anywhere or see anything they may not be interested in.

4 Harsh Reality: The Comfort Of Their Home Is Lost

pikachu sad over ash

Living with a trainer can become a comfort in itself. Some trainers create separate spaces for their Pokémon, allowing them to have their own comfort space and privacy. To suddenly be thrown out from that would be more than just disappointing, but a huge loss. The comfort and home they once had is no longer a place they can go to when they find themselves literally braving the wild.

3 Perk: They Might Find A New Trainer

trainer and pokemon fist pumping

After being released, Pokémon have the chance to roam free. But they also have the chance to be caught again. If the Pokémon wants a new trainer or is looking for a new home, there is the possibility that they can be recaptured and taken care of by a new person, and if their previous trainer wasn't a very nice owner, they have an opportunity to develop a better relationship.

2 Harsh Reality: There's No One There To Heal Them

Anime Pokemon Injured Pikachu Considers Thunder Stone

When a Pokémon is hurt or injured, their trainer has the ability to take them to the hospital or provide them with an antidote. After fights with other Pokémon, someone will be there to help them.

Unfortunately, once released, that Pokémon no longer has the option to ask for help immediately when injured, if at all. They're forced to heal on their own time if they can't find a Pokémon Center to go to.

1 Perk: They Can Find New Friends And New Family

group of pikachus together

There's an air of loneliness that can come with living alongside a trainer. It can be hard for Pokémon to make friends in this environment. If they're the only Pokémon the trainer owns, there can be a feeling of being an only child. Or, if there are others, they may have difficulty interacting with the other Pokémon. But once released, they have the chance to make new friends.

They're not forced to interact with the other Pokémon around them if they don't want to, but they may also find a pack of their kind and find a new family to join. Being released doesn't have to mean they'll be completely alone.

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