Point Blank Masterclass: Mixing In The Box With Waves Audio

For this edition of Friday Forum Live, Point Blank were joined by Michael Adams, Waves Audio’s Director of Training and Development, and JC Concato, an industry professional mix engineer and Point Blank’s Creative Director, to showcase some live “in the box” mixing techniques using their state-of-the-art plugins.

Michael Adams worked for Waves Audio as a Junior Product Specialist before working his way up to Director of Training and Development. Now, he manages how Waves Audio train people, how their specialists train users, how they present themselves in events and more. In addition, Adams also manages all their online events, training, webinars and writes the curriculums for the SoundGrid Certification Programs.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Point Blank’s Friday Forum Live, it’s where they go live from the Point Blank HQ every Friday at 12 pm to review new plugins, software, production techniques and more. Want to tune into next week’s FFL? Then be sure to head over to their YouTube channel. Want to learn the ins and outs of the music world? Then why not enrol on a Point Blank course? They’re currently offering 25% off their selected Londononline and Los Angeles courses until 17th May using the codes LONDON25ONLINE25 and LA25.

During the session, Adams fires up a Pro Tools pop-rock session to demonstrate some workflow and organisational techniques which can help save you valuable time whilst mixing. He shows how thinking outside the box (whilst mixing in the box – using only a few plugins) can result in a stellar-sounding final product. If you’re a Point Blank student who wants to get hands-on with Waves Audio plugins, they recently partnered with the brand to offer up to 35% off their bundles and upgrades. Find out more here.