Platinum End: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & News to Know

The manga Platinum End ended earlier this year, but fans of the series will soon have another version of the story to look forward to. Announced toward the end of last year, Platinum End's anime is coming out in Fall 2021, bringing the epic, psychological battle for godhood to small screens everywhere.

Featuring some of the same elements that made its creators' iconic series Death Note such a hit, the show is now scheduled to air a 24-episode season, with at least one more planned. Here's what viewers should know about the upcoming show.

Platinum End's Plot

Platinum End centers around abused teenager Mirai Takahashi, who considers suicide to end his mistreated existence. Before he can commit the act, however, he's saved by his guardian angel, Nasse. Imbuing Mirai with mystical powers, he exacts vengeful justice upon his abusive aunt and uncle.

Afterward, however, Nasse informs him that God is literally retiring in 99 days and that those chosen to potentially replace him include Mirai himself. Mirai's future is now decided for him, as he can't refuse to take part in the contest to decide who gains divinity. However, many of the others chosen to take place in the contest are far more willing to do whatever it takes to rule creation, including using their powers to kill all the competition that stands in their way.

Platinum End's Trailer

The trailer for the anime was recently released, and it gives a glimpse at the beginning of the anime's story. The beginning of the trailer has Mirai jumping off of a building before being saved by Nasse, who promptly informs him that she's his guardian angel and that she intends to give him angelic powers like her own.

News to Know About Platinum End

The original manga for Platinum End began in 2015, running until January of this year. It was written and drawn by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the team behind the legendary manga Death Note. Fittingly, it features the same art style and even similar themes to its precursor. Published in Jump Square, the series' English release was handled by Viz Media, who've since released the entire series in English.

The anime was announced at the Jump Festa '21 online event, where it was revealed that the series would be handled by Signal.MD. Signal.MD. mostly handles anime movies, though was also behind recent TV series such as FLCL Progressive and Dragon Goes House-Hunting. The first "series" is going to be 24 episodes, and will be directed by Hideya Takahashi, while the second series is being handled by Kazuchika Hise. Takahashi has worked on entries in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, making him more than capable of telling a story of such huge scale.

Platinum End's Release Date

Platinum End hero Mirai

The series isn't too far away, with fans having to wait only a few more months to finally see Mirai take flight in the Platinum End anime. The series is set to debut in October, where it will air on TBS in Japan. Sadly, it's still unknown when it will receive an international release and on what platform, so English-speaking fans will have to wait to enjoy the anime.

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