Platinum End: Metropoliman’s True Nature Rears Its Ugly Head Against Saki

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Platinum End Episode 11, "Your Own Worth," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Platinum End's heavenly battle royale enters its bloodiest phase yet in Episode 11, with the zealous God candidate Sokotani Hajime taking Mukaido Nanato's family hostage at an abandoned amusement park -- only for more warriors on both sides to show up and prepare for battle. The hostage situation soon expands into the story's biggest battle yet.

Thanks to Revel's hard work, Hanakago Saki can now fly on wings, while Mukaido and Kakehashi Mirai join her to fight back against their numerous enemies. The scheming Metropoliman has a new super-squad at his disposal, and it's clear he'll do anything to win. The heroes truly have their backs to the wall this time.

Hanakago uses the red arrow to control Sokotani's heart and convinces him to free the hostages, allowing Kakehashi and Mukaido to join Hanakago and form a cohesive team to fight back. Even Sokotani joins them as Hanakago's temporary lover and ally, but Metropoliman, ever the resourceful schemer, arrives on the scene with an upgraded suit of armor and, more importantly, three never-before-seen allies who all have their own theme.

This is a significant upgrade from the sadistic "Girl A," who was nothing but a disposable tool for Metropoliman in an earlier battle in Platinum End. Now Metropoliman has three reliable teammates who not only have their own angel wings, but also mundane weapons and equipment for battle. This presents a new challenge for Kakehashi and Hanakago's team, and the situation grows worse when Kohinata Fuyuko wields a deadly virus in a container and threatens to unleash it on human civilization.

Another major ally of Metro's is Bakamatsu Ryuji, who carries heavy machine guns and even rocket launchers as a one-man platoon. This shows how ruthless and bloodthirsty Metropoliman can be, as his newest minions are more like a boss battle than anything Kakehashi has encountered so far.

ryuji bakamatsu

Metropoliman's taste in allies makes it clear he's out for blood and has no sense of honor or mercy. In fact, he goes back on his word in Episode 11, since he's willing to let his ally Kohinata use her virus on populated areas to pressure Kakehashi's team. Earlier, it had seemed he had some sense of honor and restraint -- which might have been a weakness for Kakehashi to exploit -- but no longer. His true colors emerge at the amusement park, a thuggish maniac who will do anything and everything to win, bordering on cheating. Not even the sad story of Metropoliman's little sister can paint him as sympathetic or justifiable in any sense.

He hangs back and allows Bakamatsu and Kohinata to make their move, though Bakamatsu is relatively easy to dispatch. Kakehashi's squad is more cohesive and decisive than ever before in Platinum End, and the three of them team up to elegantly take down their opponent without even needing the white arrow. Metro feels no remorse about Bakamatsu's serious injuries -- instead he shifts his focus to Kohinata, whose threats of bioterrorism prove far more effective than military-grade weaponry.

Kakehashi cannot the bear the thought of a deadly bioterrorism act like that, but he and his allies must give their lives in exchange for saving humanity from that fate. Now more than ever, Kakehashi has his back to the wall since Metro correctly realizes that taking hostages is the most effective tool against the pacifistic protagonist. One way or another, this situation is sure to be resolved with great bloodshed as Platinum End continues.

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