Platinum End Episode 7 Might Prove Mirai Is Not Cut Out To Be a Fighter

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Platinum End Episode 7, "Tower of Nightmare," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

As the divine battle royale rages on, Mirai Kakehashi must find a way to reconcile his desire for a peaceful, pacifistic life and his duty to fight in the battle royale until the very end. Mirai knows what he must do, but he can't yet find a clear solution to make anyone, least of all himself, happy.

Unlike the ambitious Light Yagami, Mirai aims to survive and thrive as an anonymous nobody, and in his own words, he would sooner die than take someone else's life for any reason. However, by this point in the heavenly battle, that attitude is nothing more than a liability, and Nanato Mukaido certainly thinks so too.

Mirai's worst enemy, the scheming Metropoliman, lays another trap for his God candidate rivals, this time at the Great Tower in Tokyo, where the knife-wielding "Girl A" awaits them. Once Mirai and Nanato arrive, Metropoliman sets off some explosives, costing Girl A her life and kicking the battle into high gear. Nanato, as a skilled strategist, swaps angels with Mirai to convince Metropoliman to shoot him, giving Mirai a chance to hit Metropoliman with a red arrow. When Metropoliman fires his white arrow, the pacifistic Mirai revises the plan, and instead of hitting Metropoliman with his red arrow, he defects the white arrow with it.

Mirai's misstep ruins Nanato's risky plan, and Metropoliman gladly fights his two enemies directly in a furious midair duel. Mirai never gets another chance to hit Metropoliman with another red arrow, however, and Metropoliman retreats before Mirai can try to land another blow. Mirai and Nanato return to Saki's house in defeat; while they didn't lose their lives, they also failed to accomplish anything against their most powerful foe. There, in Saki's bedroom, Mirai has another meltdown concerning the violence of this God candidate battle royale.

mirai upset

Mirai once again laments the violent nature of the God candidate selection process, reflecting that even when his classmates or aunt and uncle tormented him, he never fought back. However, Nanato considers this weakness, not strength. Mirai cannot imagine anyone, least of all himself, finding joy in attacking and hurting others in this divine game, although his patron angel Nasse comes to his defense. Nasse points out that seeking true happiness is the most important thing of all, and on that basis, Mirai must not give up his humble dream to live a peaceful and joyous life in obscurity. Nanato asks Mirai to tell him more about Metropoliman, only for Saki to urge everyone to end the discussion; she clearly can't stand to see Mirai so distressed.

All this shows that Mirai still has a long road ahead of him, and at this rate, Nanato will carry the entire team. Mirai refuses to hurt anyone and Saki has limited combat prowess anyway, which may prove a fatal liability later on. Mirai was lucky to survive the Great Tower fight with only bumps and scrapes, especially since Metropoliman had been bluffing about blowing up another building. In the next fight, Metropoliman may have an even bigger advantage, especially if he keeps combining his arrows and recruiting new allies.

Indeed, Mirai's next fight may be his last. For now, he must understand that he must pay for his future peace and happiness with bloodshed and aggression, or else he will lose everything. Mirai is locked into this divine game, and he can't back out until someone has won. Either he will kill Metropoliman or Metropoliman will kill him -- and in the latter case, living that peaceful life will be truly impossible.

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