Pixellay Releases Stunning, Future Driven and Versatile Record Titled, ‘Back to You’

What's going on dance music fans? Today, we are brining you some new heat with up and coming young producer (our NEWEST Artist of the Week), Pixellay. Pixellay has been featured as our Artist of the Week for his incredible riffs, production talent, and super catchy melodies, accomplishing all of this before the age of 18 – not to mention, his track “Decoder” has already been featured in the Apple TV hit show, “Ted Lasso”.

Back to You, is a pop driven, modern-electro record, that really is one of those tracks that sits in the in-between when it comes to versatility. Not only does the track work well for radio format, but can also be dropped in a club, remixed for a festival, or even dropped on the main stage. The melodies and atmospheres, along with the easy to sing along lyrics, really help push this track into the category of “anytime” listening, whether you're raging, chilling, or just out for a long summer drive.

What really impressed us about this track was the transitions and breakdowns. Of course the drop is well put together, perfectly mixed and mastered, but the highlights of Pixellay's production talent shines bright when the track is at its slowest. The atmospheres pulled together to keep the listener entranced really was our favorite part – many songs in the dance music world, we all wait for the drop and everything in between is just noise – but Pixellay finds a way to keep us listening from start to finish.

We cant wait to hear more from this amazing up and coming prodigy.