Persona 5 Manga Announced, Gets Exclusive Edition

From games to anime and now to the pages of their very own manga, Persona 5's Phantom Thieves are on their way to the printed page this December with the announcement of Persona 5: Mementos Mission.

As revealed in a press release from publisher Udon Entertainment, Mementos Mission will be a three-volume "side adventure" to the popular RPG. The story will follow the cast of Persona 5 as they attempt to solve a series of new mysteries, including an "attempted poisoning of an influential CEO, suspicious happenings at a local doctor's clinic and sketchy job requests at a back-street military shop." Protagonist Ren Amamiya (Joker) will be the story's central character along with his high school friends and the detective Goro Akechi.

Mementos Mission's first volume will be offered in a special edition exclusive to retailer Barnes & Noble, boasting an exclusive fold-out mini poster and new cover art featuring Futaba (seen above). Manga artist Rokuro Saito, who previously adapted the story of Persona 4 Ultimax into a manga, is writing and illustrating all three volumes.

Mementos Mission Volume 1 will hit shelves on December 7 this year in both exclusive and standard editions. The volume is 162 pages and will retail for $13.99. In-store and online pre-orders for both editions are currently live.

Atlus' Persona franchise debuted 25 years ago and recently surpassed a new sales milestone. Recent releases in the series, such as Persona 5: The Royal, Persona 5 Strikers and the PC port of Persona 4 Golden, all "greatly exceeded" developer Atlus' digital and physical sales targets and helped push the series from the 13.1 million total sales figure reported in March 2020 to its new record of more than 15 million copies sold worldwide.

Source: UDON Entertainment

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