Patron Saint of Quarantine Dua Lipa Masters Zoom Concert

We bet your Zoom calls haven’t been as cool as this. For her appearance on James Corden’s “Homefest” Late Late Show special, Dua Lipa videoconferenced with bandmates and dancers to perform her social-distancing hit “Don’t Start Now,” off her just-released album Future Nostalgia. They did not show up, nor come out — because, after all, we don’t want to see any of them dancing with somebody. Sitting in front of her computer, Dua Lipa made it all look easy, but with three musicians, two backup singers, and six dancers flashing around the screen, it almost felt like a full live performance. Oh, and did we mention it was past 3 a.m. in London at this point? That’s what we in the business call showing up.