OxArena set to become largest electronic music venue at Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival next week

After months of development, Unpaired, the company behind the Party Degenerates NFT collection, is announcing that the unique OxArena will be unveiled as part of Decentraland‘s Metaverse Music Festival on November 10th. The stage will be headlined by world class DJs such as Gramatik, Yokoo, Arapu and PlastikFunk, Salem Ilese, Lum feat. Mads, and the web3 native DJ Rave Ape Club. The full festival runs until the 13th with hundreds of thousands of people expected throughout the four days, in celebration of music, art, social connectivity and interactive experiences.

Party Degenerates are one of the main programming partners of the festival and for the OxArena they have joined forces with established brands, labels and festivals such as SXM Festival, Revealed Records, Konflict Recordings, Volta XR and web3 native Superf3st, the first decentralised festival owned and governed by the community.

“OxArena is a unique venue that aims to foster meaningful connections combined with the thrill of the IRL experience, as we collectively experience music and digital art through innovative technologies that expand the imagination. The venue’s architectural fluidity provides a socio-spatial manifestation that entails the conjoining of forces and will serve as a platform for already established and emerging artists, web3 communities and projects to connect with their audience or expand their reach.” – Raluca Cherciu, CEO at Unpaired.

The OxArena has been inspired by Starchitect Zaha Hadid and Steve Jobs’ works and is a unique 6×6 build which makes it one of the largest in Decentraland and the largest entertainment venue at the Decentraland Music Festival. The stunning venue features an open-air stage, three indoor clubs, a concept store for digital merch, an outdoor circular NFT gallery, a congress room and two private lounges. The OxArena will host various PARTY DEGENERATES and partner events not only during the festival’s four days but throughout the upcoming year, opening its door for branding and programming opportunities to both web2 and web3 brands thanks to its fully customisable setup and turnkey solution.

Over 3.3 million active users have joined the Decentraland platform which is built, governed and owned by its users and creators. The 2021 festival provided a first opportunity to interact and socialise in Web3 with more than 80 artists, countless wearables and appearances from the likes of Deadmau5, Paris Hilton and 3Lau. This year’s free-to-attend event builds on that success with a diverse line-up of major artists, avatars, new talent, DJS, fully-virtual bands and more stages, immersive music experiences, quests and artist-fan encounters than ever before.

About OxArena
Uniting the active experience of a real-world venue with the innovation of best-in-class digital entertainment. OxArena is the world’s largest, most inventive, most inclusive entertainment venue in the metaverse.
For more information, visit: oxarena.com