Our Last Crusade: The Battle Over the Vortex Has Frightening Consequences

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, "Paradise: Rin's Big Miscalculation," now streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

The battle for the vortex has a quick resolution because the Empire chooses to bombard it. In the time that it took for the Empire to calculate exact coordinates, Iska and his comrades commit themselves to saving Mismis from the enemy's clutches. In this fight, Iska faces a small challenge in the form of Kissing. However, he manages to persevere with the abilities of his swords. While the vortex conflict has been resolved, this episode shows the battle's severe consequences for Mismis.

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Kissing and her masked assistant escape, but Mismis is kicked into the vortex as a distraction. The vortex isn't particularly large, meaning that it can only empower one or two people. Mismis is unconscious as she falls deeper into this vortex. It's thanks to the intervention of Iska and Alice that Mismis is saved from that predicament.

While they succeed in taking the captain out of the vortex, they don't come out unscathed. Iska appears to be unaffected by the vortex, but Mismis shows signs that something strange is happening to her. At first, Mismis disregards this weird sensation as nothing more than a bug bite, but the truth of the matter is much more troubling. While she and her unit are alone in a room, Mismis uncovers her arm to expose an astral sign on her body. As it turns out, she gained the powers of a spirit residing in the vortex.

The chances of something like this happening are very slim. Astral spirits reside inside of vortexes and possess those they deem to be a suitable host. Therefore, while this certainly wasn't planned by either side, Mismis ends up gaining this power for herself. Becoming a witch certainly has its fair share of complications since she is a part of the Empire's forces.

If she was found out by her superiors, she wouldn't be able to live in the Empire anymore. The Empire has a history of executing witches that aren't useful alive. Even those that live still face a lifetime of imprisonment. Because of this, Mismis wouldn't be able to enjoy the life she currently has. Despite the fact that Mismis has shown loyalty to the Empire and fought for them, her unit expresses disbelief in the idea they would let her go free.

This dilemma means that Mismis will have to keep her powers secret for the foreseeable future. In the dreams of the world that both Iska and Alice possess, Mismis would be able to walk freely in places beyond Neutral Cities. However, since neither character has been able to realize their dreams yet, she is going to have to wait for that moment. There is the possibility that Mismis could try fleeing to the Sovereignty if she does get exposed, but without her friends at her side this future is unlikely.

If this episode's conclusion is any indication of her future, Mismis is going to have a hard time controlling her powers at first. When she finds Alice and Rin holding an unconscious Iska she becomes infuriated, with some of her magic power exploding out of her arm. It seems that this magic power is influenced by the emotions of the caster. Mismis still has to learn how to control this new power of hers to effectively hide it.

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