One-Punch Man: Will Garo Become Overpowered Enough to Defeat Saitama?

When it comes to outrageously strong characters, One-Punch Man -- packed with ridiculously powerful monsters as well as overpowered heroes -- never lags behind any other anime. The best among them, of course, is Saitama, who can easily end any character in the series with a single punch. One character's efforts, however, have caught fans' attention for a good while now. Garo's dramatic increase in power is raising the question of whether he'll be able to surpass Bald Cape.

Saitama's skills have taken the world of animanga by storm. His immense strength has been compared with characters from other series, yet there's still no clear-cut answer of exactly how strong he is. Other characters in One-Punch Man just don't seem to cut it for him, rarely even making him get serious. However, that may soon change as Garo could have the potential to hold a candle to him.

Garo was introduced by Bang as a menace who beat up every skilled disciple in his dojo, disabling them for life. While he was already quite strong by then, he wasn't powerful enough to duke it out with the top brass -- which Bang proved by giving him a beating before expelling him.

Afterward, Garo went rogue and started his own quest, claiming to sympathize with monsters as he liked their ambition. He proclaimed that he would become the strongest monster and tip the balance between villains and heroes, defeating three A-Class heroes during an attack on the Hero Association headquarters. Garo then set his sights on the S-Class heroes, increasing his strength in the process.

Garo's strength seems to be powered by experience. The more he fought and faced near-death situations, the stronger he became. This was evident when he first fought Genos, as he imitated Watchdog Man's fighting style and made it his own. Not only that, but his strength was further boosted after being turned into a monster and breaking his limiter during his fight with Superalloy Blackluster. Now Garo is strong enough to kill a major villain with a single attack and defeat Bang in a slugfest, and it seems like he is still getting stronger. There is a question of him possible catching up to Saitama -- and Garo can already one-strike kill certain characters.

The answer to that question is no, because Saitama is a gag character whose punchline is anti-climactically ending any fight with a single punch. No matter how strong his enemy is or will be, he will always be strong enough to beat them, and Garo is no exception to that rule. However, that certainly doesn't mean Garo is weak. Assuming his progress continues, he may become strong enough to defeat every other character in One-Punch Man with a single strike. Unfortunately, Saitama will still easily defeat him for the gag to go on.

Garo's improvement speed has been incredible, as facing strong nemeses has allowed him to further his strength and reach unthinkable heights. After his monsterization and breaking his limiter, there's no question he will get even stronger. One-Punch Man fans are excited to see what other feats he will achieve, but regrettably for him, surpassing the overpowered Bald Cape is just not a possibility.

Deku in the teaser trailer for MHA Season 6.
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