One-Punch Man: Terrible Tornado May Have the Same Devastating Problem as Garo

One-Punch Man is home to all kinds of heroes and abilities. It has a crazily overpowered bald man, a man with extremely good luck and even a hero whose power is eating. That being said, it also houses various characters, both good and evil, with psychic abilities. Tornado, also known as Terrible Tornado, is undoubtedly one of the strongest, if not the strongest, among them. Her cold and hot-headed personality may make her unlikeable at first, but she takes her hero job seriously. She resembles Garo in this sense.

Even though they stand on the opposite sides of the battlefield, both Tornado and Garo are top-class combatants who can take out most of their opponents. Garo repeatedly proved this by defeating high-ranked members of the Hero Association. Similarly, Terrible Tornado single-handedly did a tremendous amount of damage against the Monster Association. However, as it turns out, their similarities don't stop at power alone.

Garo saying Old Man in One-Punch Man

When Garo was introduced, he only had one goal -- to become stronger. He referred to himself as Hero Hunter, and he stayed true to this alias. He hunted heroes, especially those of higher classes, and obliterated them in his bid to test his strength. However, this tough-guy act and aggressive personality hide a heart that feels. This is evident during his interactions with Tareo, the boy who unknowingly fed him hero information. Garo even saved the boy from being tortured, and he killed King the Ripper, Tareo's torturer and kidnapper. Recent One-Punch Man chapters show the conclusion of the fight between Garo and Bang. When Garo woke up from his berserk mode, the first thing he did was save his master, proving once again that he actually does have a heart.

Tornado was introduced in a similar manner as Garo. She is Blizzard's older sister and is multiple times stronger than her, which is also why she's striving to increase her power. However, Tornado kept telling her she was a nuisance and to go as far from him as possible. Blizzard wasn't the only victim of such treatment. Saitama was once the target of her verbal abuse, and Genos tasted her psychic powers for defending Saitama. However, this turned out to be just a facade to keep her younger sister safe.

Tornado getting mad in One-Punch Man Chapter 141

This was clearly shown in Chapter 141 of the manga. Tornado instantly went berserk after seeing Blizzard's wounded state, despite the fact that Tornado herself was in an even worse condition. She also looked for Child Emperor and Sekingar to hold them responsible for it. Fortunately for her, Blizzard knew about her true feelings no matter how much she tried to push her away, literally and figuratively.

Clearly, both Garo and Tornado have some degree of emotional blockage. Even though they do care about others, they are far too prideful to admit it, resulting in the awkward and drastic measures it manifests. Garo cares about the kid Tareo and readily goes out of his way to keep him from harm. However, the same can't be said about his affection for his master. Similarly, Tornado just couldn't bring herself to openly profess her love for Blizzard. This results in hurting not only her sister but also herself.

Garo and Terrible Tornado are perfect examples of tsundere characters. While it's interesting to realize that they also have emotions, it will be interesting to see how they will overcome such a characteristic -- or indeed, if they will ever be able to do so at all.

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