One-Punch Man: King Cements His Epic Legacy – In the Coolest Way

Warning: The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 152, "Supreme Purgatorial Explosive Heat Wave-Motion Gun" by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry and James Gaubatz, available in English at Viz Media and Manga Plus.

If there's one thing One-Punch Man is good at, it's not taking itself too seriously. It's a parody manga that loves poking fun at superhero tropes. The titular character himself is famed for anti-climactically ending dramatic and tense battles with a single punch. That is to say, there isn't any drama, dialog or struggle that happens during the tensest moment. However, Saitama isn't the only gag character in the series. One fan-favorite character reminds readers of this by manifesting his ability in the latest chapter of the series in a cool and hilarious manner.

Fans of One-Punch Man know of King's secret. He's not really a strong hero, nor does he possess an overpowered ability. What he does have is impeccable luck. He's always at the right moment and the right time when monsters attack. Since Saitama wasn't claiming or reporting his kills, all the glory, albeit involuntarily, got hogged by another person: King. King was always there when Saitama did some monster extermination that others didn't witness, which results in the masses believing King was responsible for them. One occasion added to another and King became an S-Class hero before he knew it. However, One-Punch Man Chapter 152 shows that King's ability doesn't just attract Saitama.

The other S-Class heroes worked together to give King an opening. However, when such an opening arose, King was only seen standing with his King Engine constantly roaring. The other heroes started cheering for him, which only increased the already heavy pressure King was facing. The so-called Strongest Man on Earth opened his arms to grovel and seek forgiveness for lying, but this was perceived as him initiating his ultimate attack. When he did manage to cough up some words, he choked on most of them and only managed to utter the name of his technique -- Supreme Purgatorial Explosive Heat Wave-Motion Gun. Coincidentally, Garo had just regained consciousness and annihilated the three monsters King was supposed to defeat.

King's ultimate attack in One-Punch Man

King's luck almost always manifests through Saitama, but this development proves that it isn't bound to the series' overpowered main character. The perfect timing when Garo killed President Ugly, Platinum Spermatozoon and Evil Mineral Water once again reinforced King's fake identity. It's very well-timed that even King himself believed that he's the one who actually defeated the trio. Needless to say, this will convince the other S-Class heroes of the fake hero's might.

Alongside Saitama's one-strike kill, King's luck has been a running gag in One-Punch Man for a long time now. This recent turn of events proves that it won't be ending soon, if at all.

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