One Piece’s Nami vs Netflix’s Super Crooks Team: Who Would Win in a Heist?

Nami from One Piece, who has earned the moniker "Cat Burglar", is one of the most renowned thieves in the world of anime. Although relatively new in the anime market, Super Crooks'  titular, whacky team of supervillains has already made a name for themselves. Even though these notorious wanted personas boast a wide range of criminal activity, both parties have especially great talents when it comes to thievery. However, which of them can one-up the other in a heist showdown?

Both Nami and the Super Crooks can pull off minor acts of stealing without breaking a sweat. Nami's fast hands can easily snatch a treasure or two and flee without getting caught. Each member of the supervillain team has specialized criminal expertise. For example, Johnny Bolt's nifty electric power allows him to rig an ATM and make it spit a few thousand dollars. At a glance, the team from Super Crooks has an obvious advantage in numbers. But when it comes to pulling off a successful heist, Nami isn't someone who can be defeated by numbers alone.

Nami Makes It Rain

After making a deal with a fish-man pirate named Arlong, Nami has treaded the life of thievery from a very young age. She has stolen countless treasures from pirates during her active years. She's also a master pickpocket, and she proved this by stealing countless wallets from the crowd of villagers bidding her goodbye. None of the villagers noticed what she's done until it was too late. She continues to use this ability to snatch important documents and small objects like keys, which can be a life-saver during a heist. Nami can also infiltrate places with heavy security either through sneaking in or by using the classic honey trap. She has an eye for picking easy targets, while also having the verbal prowess to convince them into doing her bidding.

In stark contrast to Nami's solo operation, the Super Crooks function as a group with either The Heat or Johnny Bolt as the mastermind. They execute well-crafted, well-thought plans utilizing each member's specialties. Johnny Bolt uses his electric powers to shock his opponents, as well as manipulate any electronic device. Kasey's psychic abilities and Forecast's weather manipulation make good distractions, while the Diesel brothers' regeneration makes them perfect meat shields. The Ghost's ability allows him to enter any place without any hitch, and TK McCabe's telekinesis makes for great all-rounder support. While Carmine knows his way with flame weapons, he shines the most when formulating criminal blueprints.

Even though the Super Crooks have the upper hand in number and power, this becomes a liability when it comes to sneaking into establishments. The group always faces difficulties entering their target's vicinity without making a commotion, which almost always leads to their detection. But with their powers, they manage to hold their ground and power through the operation. This is Nami's golden opportunity.

It is highly like that Nami has successfully infiltrated the area and may even have a good grasp of the people she can use. Given that their target is precious enough to catch the attention of big-named thieves in anime, the security around it is certainly not weak. Nami can force a confrontation between the Super Crooks and the treasure's guards and use the commotion as a smokescreen. She can then slip out of the area with the item in tow. Even if the Super Crooks manage to corner Nami, Nami has the powerful Zeus in her possession. While Zeus' power may not be able to defeat all the Super Crooks in one strike, it can at least provide an opportunity for Nami to escape, especially since Nami specializes in fleeing and survival.

The Super Crooks may be able to beat Nami black and blue in a fight, but they are no match against the notorious pirate thief when it comes to a heist. The infamous Cat Burglar can take off with the prized item while the crooks are busy fending for themselves. It is also unlikely for the Super Crooks to rob Nami of her recent loot after the heist as she will already have the entire Straw Hat Pirates as backup at that time.

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