One Piece’s Chapter #1,000 Promo Celebrates Everything We Love About the Manga

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The video shows children mimicking Luffy declaring his dream of being the Pirate King; elderly men acting as the Five Elders and kids running away; teenagers drawing on their friend the X shaped marks on the Straw Hats arms, and a young girl thanking her coach for taking "frickin' good care of us." Each person was touched by the story creator Eiichiro Oda has been telling in one way or another; each one took with them something that resonated with them.

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One Piece started out as a simple adventure shonen story about pirates, but over the years, it's become something much bigger. Fans who have followed the story have taken with them lessons on friendship, following your dreams, standing up for what's right, and pushing forward even when things seem impossible. While there are valid criticisms -- about how women are portrayed in the story, for instance -- that doesn't take away from the fact that these characters play important roles in the lives of readers, no matter their gender. From Nami who was doing whatever it took to raise the money to free her village from Arlong, to Chopper who just wants to help people with medicine, to Luffy who wants to find the One Piece, there's something in each character that resonates with fans.

For younger fans, the future holds many possibilities. They have the chance to achieve their dreams, even if others laugh at them or don't believe in them. Anything is possible, especially if you have great friends by your side. Even if you don't, as long as you believe in yourself and stay true to your beliefs, you can accomplish the impossible. Sticking by your friends no matter how hard things get will help everyone achieve their dreams. Support each other.

For older fans, it's the nostalgia of being a child and believing in things like magic and pretending to be great heroes. We've all done it. We've pretended to be Goku or Sailor Moon or Batman, just to experience the power of being something greater than what we actually are. Thinking back on the days of innocence before adult life got in the way brings up a warm feeling. There's actually a word for it in Japan: natsukashii, the feeling of nostalgia. Reading One Piece brings up those feelings again, and recaptures that childhood innocence. It's like talking to a close friend after several years apart.

For 23 years, One Piece has been bringing joy and excitement to its fans. It's made people cry, made them believe in themselves and made them hope and dream. For some friends, it's been a part of their lives since they were children. They grew up with the characters and learned many lessons from them, which is what this promotional video encapsulates best of all. The story has focused on dreams from the very beginning, and it's shown that all dreams are possible as long as you try and believe in yourself and in it.

Congratulations, Oda-sensei. Thank you for 1,000 chapters of One Piece. 

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