One Piece: What Every Straw Hat Is Doing in the Onigashima Raid

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Recent chapters of One Piece have been extremely chaotic. With a battle as large as the Onigashima Raid -- comprising literally thousands of combatants, battles happening on multiple floors and players constantly dropping out or switching sides -- everything is truly happening at once, making it hard to follow who is doing what and where.

The Wano arc, as fun and wild as it is, has gotten to a point where it's surprisingly hard to keep track of what's going on. Thankfully, as of Chapter #1019, we've officially checked in on every Straw Hat at least once. So, here is where everyone is, what they're doing and what they might be doing soon.

Luffy Has Survived Drowning and Is With the Heart Pirates

Luffy's first row against Kaido didn't quite go as planned and sent him plummeting into the sea. After fighting hard against the Sea Emperor, he was knocked out of the fight and off the island, but that doesn't mean he's giving up. Thanks to Momonosuke, he's made it clear to everyone on the island that he intends on coming back and taking Kaido out once and for all. He was rescued by the Heart Pirates and just woke up (craving meat, of course). Soon, he'll be back with his crew and facing off against Kaido once again.

Usopp & Nami Are Fleeing the Performance Stage After Fighting Ulti & Page One

After the Straw Hats met on the Performance Stage, Nami and Usopp fought Ulti and Page One, taking massive damage. Luckily, O-Tama and Komachiyo appeared just in time to save them. While they ran, they passed Franky and Sasaki's fight and eventually ran into Big Mom. When Big Mom learned that Okobore Town had been destroyed by the Beast Pirates, she attacked Page One, causing Ulti to violently retaliate. Ulti slapped O-Tama, angering Big Mom even more. Nami and Usopp took this opportunity to grab O-Tama and run for it.

After escaping Big Mom once again, Nami fought Ulti one final time, beating her thanks to Zeus merging with her Climate Baton. Finally, O-Tama was able to activate her ability and turning every Beast Pirate who ate her dumplings to the side of the Alliance, making her the target of everyone who didn't eat any.

Sanji Is Fighting Queen, Zoro and Chopper Are Recovering From Intense Battles

One Piece Zoro bandaged wano arc

Sanji is currently fighting Queen after Robin and Brook rescued him from Black Maria. After rescuing Momonosuke from King on the Performance Stage, Sanji regrouped with his crew and went with Luffy to try and reach Kaido. They were joined by Jimbe, but Sanji ran off to help a woman in trouble -- a trap set by Black Maria. He was captured and forced to lure Robin to his location by calling out to her. She and Brook appeared to save Sanji, who then decided to go help the Scabbards while the two took on Black Maria. After patching him up, Sanji brought Zoro to the Performance Stage so Chopper and Dr. Miyagi could properly treat him. This is where he finally encountered Queen.

After the meeting on the Performance Stage, Chopper, Robin and Brook were attacked by those infected Queen's Ice Oni Virus. Queen and Apoo also appeared, making things even more difficult. Chopper confronted Queen about using biological warfare, especially against his own men, and the two fought. Despite landing several blows on Queen, Chopper was unable to bring him down and was forced to go beyond the Rumble Ball's 30-minute limit. Luckily for him, just as Queen was about to finish him off, Sanji appeared with Zoro and blocked the attack. The chef handed Zoro over to Chopper and Dr. Miyagi for treatment, but Chopper is now suffering from the Baby-Geezer side effect.

Old Man Baby Side Effect

Meanwhile, Zoro is given a rejuvenating injection from Dr. Miyagi. After defeating Apoo, Zoro ran into Luffy just as he was about to launch himself to Kaido's location on the roof, and grabbed on. Kaido and Big Mom launched a combined attack called "Hakai," which Zoro was able to fend off long enough for the Supernovas to get to safety. Law and Kidd were able to launch Big Mom off the roof while Zoro cut up Prometheus and Luffy fought Kaido. After Zoro used his "Nine Swords Style: Asura" attack on Kaido, it was revealed that Zoro is able to use Haoshoku Haki. Kaido knocked Law and Zoro to the ground, but by this time Luffy was back in the fight. He told Law and Zoro to get to safety and Law grabbed Zoro and teleported off the roof, landing on Sanji.

Robin and Brook Are Taking On Black Maria

Just before Queen appeared on the Performance Stage, Big Mom had come in with a captured Nami, Zeus and Carrot. She attempted to attack Franky, but Robin and Jimbe knocked her off the stage. Once the group came together on the stage and separated once again, Robin, Brook and Chopper were confronted by Queen and the Ice Oni zombies. After Sanji called out for Robin to save him, Robin and Brook then made their way to Black Maria's Pleasure Hall, where they freed Sanji and began their fight against her.

Jimbe Just Defeated Who's-Who

Before joining Sanji and Luffy, Jimbe had been with Robin and the others, trying to figure out how to save Momonosuke. After Big Mom appeared, he and Robin knocked her off the Love Stage. He then told Franky to lure Hatcha outside with the General Franky, then went on to join Sanji and Luffy. After Sanji got separated from them, Luffy and Jimbe reached the fourth level, where a large group of opponents awaited them. Jimbe told Luffy to go on ahead and he would hold off the Beast Pirates, after which he was confronted by Who's-Who. During their fight, Who's-Who told Jimbe of his past and asked if the Sun God Nika was real. After Jimbe admonished him for having a racist view of Fish-Men, he was able to knock Who's-Who out for good.

Franky Just Smacked Down Sasaki

Franky led Hatcha outside of the Love Stage area and into the Right-Brain Tower, where he found Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu being confronted by Sasaki's Armored Division. While escaping through a hole that Hatcha made, Yamato knocked Hatcha out with a long-ranged attack, leaving Franky to fight Sasaki and his men. Sasaki changed into his full triceratops form to fight, but was held off. Franky used his sword to injure Sasaki's stomach, but he was still standing. Sasaki then changed into his hybrid form, revealing that he can use the fin on his neck to fly. After launching several powerful attacks at Franky, Franky was finally able to knock him out using a Franky Radical Beam.

Yamato Just Revealed His Devil Fruit Power Against Kaido

After rescuing Momonosuke from the Performance Stage, Yamato and Shinobu escaped with the child. However, Yamato fell into one of his delusion fits, scaring the two and causing them to run away. After being attacked by and escaping from Sasaki's group, Yamato ran off with a Momonosuke doll to distract the Beast Pirates and lead them away from Shinobu and Momonosuke. After Kaido seemingly killed the two, Yamato confronted his father and the two began to fight, where Yamato declares his intent on sailing with the Straw Hats. The two are now in their hybrid forms in what is sure to be a fateful and decisive encounter.

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