One Piece: The Onigashima Raid Might Be Doomed After All

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1016 by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English now from Viz Media.

The Wano arc of the One Piece manga is at its climax, with Kaido claiming a temporary victory in his fight against Luffy. Fortunately, Yamato has stepped up to try and take on his father while Luffy's MIA. On top of that, over 4,000 Beast Pirates have decided to join the fight against Big Mom and Kaido, upping their numbers dramatically. But will it be enough?

Not only is Luffy out of the fight, but so are Chopper and Zoro. Chopper's fight against Queen took a toll on him, and the announcement of Luffy's loss broke him emotionally. While Sanji managed to get through to him and remind him that they've beaten the odds before, that doesn't help the fact that Chopper is physically exhausted and at his limit. Meanwhile, Zoro is encased in Sanji's makeshift cast after receiving multiple broken bones following his face-off against Kaido alongside Luffy and Law.

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As it stands, there are 20,000 Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates overpowering 7,000 Straw Hats and samurai, including the former Beast Pirates. Two of the Tobi Roppo have been knocked out, being Ulti and Page One. While the morale of the opposition seems to have diminished by the announcement that Ulti and Page One were taken out of the fight, that doesn't mean that overpowering them will be easy. They are still outnumbered by 13,000 fighters, plus two of the Four Emperors. However, it seems that the already shaky alliance between Big Mom and Kaido is finally giving way.

Ulti attacked O-Tama, who Big Mom considers a friend for taking care of her when she had amnesia. Not only that, but Big Mom was furious when she found out Okobore Town had been burned down by the Beast Pirates. It's entirely possible that Big Mom may finally turn against Kaido and have her men begin attacking the Beast Pirates in retaliation for how Ulti treated O-Tama and her people.

While she wouldn't dream of helping the Straw Hats, she may help O-Tama and the samurai if asked. She seems to value the child and her feelings, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility for Big Mom to help her in return for her kindness. If the Big Mom Pirates were to turn on their compatriots, it may just be enough to successfully drive them out of Wano for good. With the accidental announcement by Bao Huang of Ulti and Page One's defeat, the overall morale among the Beast Pirates dropped, making a coup within their ranks entirely possible if Big Mom gave the order.

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