One Piece: The Craziest Lies Usopp Told and How They Came True

Usopp isn't just good at hitting things, he's also the source of the craziest lies that were ever told in the world of One Piece. He even managed to defeat Perona in Thriller Bark by using bluffs to mess with her. But his greatest lying feat is perhaps when he managed to trick the Tontatta Tribe after posing as a descendant of Mont Blanc Noland, gaining both their trust and loyalty. While a lot of what's coming out of his mouth is untrustworthy, a lot of it has come true. It may be for the sake of continuing one of One Piece's longest-running gags or a medium of foreshadowing, but it is certain that Usopp's lies aren't just mere words. Here are his greatest lies that became like some sort of prophecies.

30-Million-Berry Bounty

Sogeking One Piece Wanted

When Luffy first received his bounty, which was 30 million berries, Usopp discovered a rather interesting detail. He saw his upper back at the corner of the wanted poster. He then started to claim that the 30-million bounty was for him, as much as it was for Luffy. This eventually became the reality after the Straw Hats waged war with the Marines in Enies Lobby. That time, Usopp, under the guise of Sogeking, received a 30-million-berry bounty, which was also his first bounty.

Beautiful Swordswoman Bringing Meat

Luffy Sitting on Rebecca One Piece

During the Thriller Bark Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates had to face one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Gecko Moria. Moria's ability let him steal a person's shadow and insert it into a zombie or an object, which gave them the personality and skills of the shadow's original owner. The monster trio, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro, fell victim to Moria's attack. They got knocked out after losing their shadows and wouldn't wake up no matter what their crewmates did. That's when Usopp stepped up and shouted that a beautiful swordswoman had come bringing meat, successfully waking up the three.

When Luffy was being chased by the other Colosseum participants, he met Rebecca. He stopped at a stall selling packed lunches, and Rebecca emptied her purse to give him three lunchboxes. Rebecca's beauty needs not to be explained, and she's a mighty swordswoman who has been trained by the greatest warrior the Corrida Colosseum produced, her father Kyros.

Giant Goldfish and Island-Sized Poop

This lie dates from way back. One of Usopp's first -- albeit willing -- victims was his childhood friend and crush, Kaya. He used to tell her a lot of false adventures, and one of those was him meeting a supposed giant goldfish in the Southern seas. According to him, the goldfish was so gigantic that its excrement was as big as an island. He even went as far as telling her that he anchored his ship on one of its poop. Ultimately, he claimed that slicing the fish's meat can produce enough to feed a country of little people.

It came true during the Little Garden Arc, wherein the Straw Hat Pirates met two rivaling giants. They helped reconcile Broggy and Dorry, so the kind-hearted giants decided to return the favor. There was a known menace lurking in the seas around Little Garden. It's known as Island Eater, a giant goldfish that's said to rival even the monstrous Sea Kings. It also liked consuming ships and islands whole, hence the name. Of course,  a creature as big as that also excretes huge chunks of feces, which the series also referred to as Nanimonai Island. The bit about the country of dwarves is also realized with the existence of the Kingdom of Tontatta.

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