One Piece: [SPOILER]’s Strategy Against Big Mom May Have Leveled the Playing Field

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1009 by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English now from Viz Media.

The last few chapters of One Piece have followed various characters fighting their own battles in Onigashima. Now, Chapter #1009 returns to the Rooftop where Kaido and Big Mom are still locked in battle with Luffy, Kidd, Law, Killer and Zoro. Unfortunately for the five Supernovas, Kaido has finally revealed his hybrid dragon Zoan form, and similar to Rob Lucci, he now has all the raw power, agility and technique afforded to an Azure Dragon with the easy maneuverability and reaction speed of his human form. However, a clever strategy by our five Supernovas may have just etched victory in their favor.

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The rookie pirates are feeling a bit overwhelmed facing two Pirate Emperors at once -- Kidd even going so far as to ask Law if he can just teleport one of the Yonkos off the rooftop. But considering how powerful both Big Mom and Kaido are (in terms of their Haki), Law is unable to teleport either of them within his Room. As they strategize, the two Yonkos release their team attack, Conquest of the Sea, causing a blinding force of Haki to barrel its way towards the five rookies.

Zoro jumps in front and holds off the Haki but he won't be able to keep it up forever. As the dust settles from the massive attack, it's revealed that Law managed to teleport the five of them out of harm's way in the second Zoro spent shielding everyone.

Luffy wastes no time jumping back into the fray towards Kaido, but the dragon hybrid sidesteps the rubber man's Red Hawk with ease. But that doesn't seem to bother Luffy -- in fact, he comments to Kaido that he could tell the attack was going to hurt so he dodged it rather than trying to block. Kaido is clearly annoyed by Luffy disarming him like that, focusing his attention on the rubber man with his kanabo club. The villain unleashes his next destructive attack, Conquerer of Three Worlds Ragnaraku.

Luffy may have taken a serious blow, but having Kaido's attention focused on him may have worked in favor of Kid as the magnetic man reveals a strange scrap cube he assembled. It's unclear what the cube's purpose is until Law uses Shambles and suddenly Big Mom's cloud homie, Zeus, disappears from her side and is teleported into the scrap box and trapped within.

Piggybacking off that, Killer and Zoro hit from both sides as they target Big Mom's other two homies, Prometheus the Sun and Napoleon the Sword. With Zoro's ability to cut even fire, it doesn't take much effort on his part to slice Prometheus to ribbons -- and as Napoleon is only a sword, there's no way he can defend himself from Killer's sickles either.

With Big Mom and her three special homies now separated, Kidd tries shooting a barrage of arrowheads at the Yonko, but they simply bounce right off her skin as she lands a strong blow on Kidd's face. Unfortunately for Big Mom, this was simply a trick -- Kidd just needed to get close enough to her. With his magnetism, he attaches his scrap to Big Mom and then repels her into the air. Law follows this up by levitating a boulder and smashing it into Big Mom's side. She is sent flying off the side of the roof.

Law and Kidd's strategy suddenly becomes crystal clear: Up to this point, Big Mom has been using Prometheus and Zeus to levitate off the ground, but now that she's separated from them, she'll fall until she reaches the ocean -- and being a Devil Fruit user, she'll sink until she reaches the bottom. The fear in Big Mom's eyes says it all. Suddenly, she realizes these punks have not only successfully disarmed her, but have just irreversibly sent her to a watery grave.

One Piece's latest chapter is a bullet train of action from start to finish. Luffy being the straightforward doofus he is means there's rarely a fighting strategy beyond simply kicking the other guy's butt, so seeing Law and Kidd cleverly pick up the slack in that regard is a special treat. The Supernovas have always worked well together, but Chapter #1009 serves as such a solid example of their teamwork against these two Emperors of the sea.

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