One Piece Sets Up Luffy’s Final Kaido Fight With a Draconic Ally

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1023, "Spitting Image," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Luffy is ready to return to Wano and face Kaido once again in the One Piece manga, but he isn't going alone. In Chapter #1023, Momonosuke, son of Kazuki Oden, has become a 28-year-old-adult. Not only is he now his true age, but his Devil Fruit powers have also been affected by Shinobu's Ripe-Ripe Jutsu. After being aged up, he reveals his now-larger dragon form. While everyone around them panics, thinking this is a new enemy, Luffy remains calm, understanding what Momo has done. Now, they plan to return to the battlefield, ready for Round Two.

This new development in One Piece could be the answer to defeating Kaido. One of his massive advantages in battle is his dragon form, which towers over everything. The sheer size of his body makes it hard for anyone to really land a severe blow against him, primarily due to the toughness of his scales. However, now that the Alliance has a dragon of their own, the playing field is level. With Momonosuke on his side, Luffy has a better chance of victory. Not only does Momonosuke's size allow him to go head to head with Kaido, but it also allows Luffy time to figure out the best way to take Kaido out for good.

Momonosuke in his adult dragon form

Moreover, Kaido doesn't have Big Mom at his side, who was providing an elemental backup during the first fight. Instead, he's busy fighting his son Yamato, meaning that he'll be injured not only from his fight with Luffy but the one against Yamato as well. Not only that, but Luffy's Haki has had time to recharge and he's also eaten a helping of meat, so he's had time to re-energize. Meanwhile, Kaido has barely had the chance to do so.

Luffy is going into this fight in the next instalment of the One Piece manga with the knowledge he gained from the first round and a new ally by his side. Together, they may just have what it takes to finally take Kaido out for good and restore peace in Wano. Momonosuke will not only be the key to defeating Kaido but to restoring the country to its former glory. Thanks to Yamato, Kaido hasn't had time to recover, and now that Momonosuke's dragon form is larger, the fight looks like it will end with the Alliance coming out victorious.

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