One Piece: Luffy Gains a New Weapon Against Kaido Thanks To… Big Mom

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 945, "A Grudge Over Red-Bean Soup! Luffy Gets Into a Desperate Situation!" now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Charlotte Linlin has been making her way alongside Chopper to Udon Prison since washing up an amnesiac on the shores of Wano. She's made her way to the prison where Luffy and several others have been locked away, kept powerless and vulnerable. In the last episode, Charlotte finally arrived at the prison, driven into a fever over the mere smell of Red Bean Soup.

Now, she enters a confrontation with Queen and the other guards of Udon over the soup, eventually fighting Queen in his dinosaur form. However, Charlotte manages to defeat the titanic adversary in a couple of hits, managing to throw the dinosaur-like a rag-doll into the walls of Udon Prison. Then, she turns her eyes on Luffy, pushing him to the absolute limit to learn a brand new Haki power -- one that might turn the tides against Kaido.

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The Battle for Red Bean Soup

While Queen is a titanic force who throws his entire body weight against Linlin, it's all but impossible to stop her. Big Mom intercepts every one of his hits, managing to knock him out in a matter of seconds by throwing him through the walls of the prison. Big Mom collects her prize: the Red Bean Soup. However, when she finds the massive soup tin, it's empty. Luffy's already eaten the soup.

Eating it's bad enough, but Luffy accidentally admits he did it. This sets Big Mom into a rage, trying to beat Luffy to a pulp in the sumo ring. At this point, Luffy still has the collar around his neck that will sever his head from his shoulders should he step outside the ring. Luffy is left with mere steps upon which to stand.

However, bizarrely enough, it turns out that while Linlin wanted food, she really wanted to give the Red-Bean Soup to the townsfolk who fed her and were kind to her when she first landed in Wano. This surprising generosity leads to her possibly starting some sort of redemption arc, though this isn't much compensation to Luffy when he and the old man are thrown out of their ring by one of Charlotte's attacks.

Luffy Learns a New Power

However, just as they fly out of the ring, Luffy manages to finally unlock the hidden Haki abilities he's been trying to learn while in Udon. Hyogoro, the old yakuza leader, has been trying to teach Luffy how to harness his Haki in the manner people of Wano do. In Luffy's moment of desperation, he manages to unlock new potential with his Haki, developing a new power that allows him to break the collars apart.

Hyogoro challenges Luffy with a task: remember the feeling that surged through his being when he broke the collars. Hyogoro turns his back to Charlotte Linlin, requesting Luffy to defend him so he can master this new ability of his. This is the power Luffy believes he can finally use against Kaido, to defeat the dragon who defeated him.

However, if Luffy fails to properly harness these abilities, Linlin will kill Hyogoro. Luffy better learn fast, especially as Udon Prison collapses around him.

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