One Piece: Is Killer About to Surrender His Life to Save Kid?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1029, "The Tower," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

It's been a while in One Piece's Onigashima Raid since we've seen how the Straw Hat allies are faring, so returning to the Killer vs. Hawkins fight and Eustass and Law vs. Big Mom feels very appropriate for Chapter #1029. However, neither fight is looking very good for Luffy's reluctant allies.

On the second floor of the castle, Eustass Kid is barely putting up a fight against Big Mom. The manic pirate captain lies on the floor in pain, coughing blood and claiming to be dealing with constant head pain. Peculiar, but Big Mom isn't about to let this opportunity slip by, and Trafalgar Law's solo attacks aren't enough to keep the Yonko at bay.

Cutting back to the third floor, we return to Killer vs. Hawkins, and the audience is reminded of why Kid is in the state he's in. When Killer and Kid were imprisoned by Kaido, Hawkins made a straw doll of Kid with his devil fruit powers, meaning any damage inflicted on the magician will instead be felt by Kid, just like back in Sabaody. Killer can only helplessly watch and laugh uncontrollably as Hawkins repeatedly slams his head into a pillar to inflict pain on the masked fighter's captain. With no other alternative, Killer offers his own life to the magician in exchange for his captain to be spared.

Hawkins only kicks Killer while he's down, insistent that neither he nor his captain ever had any chance of winning against two Yonko. However, Killer retorts that, despite the current circumstances, both he and his captain are still alive and here fighting, and that Hawkins regrets pledging loyalty to Kaido when he crashed down on their strategy meeting only to save himself.

With all other options expended, Killer asks two questions of Hawkins before his life is ended. The first is where the damage goes if Hawkins doesn't have a straw doll, to which he answers that Kid will receive any applicable pain as long as the cursed doll remains within Hawkins.

Then, in a flash of a page turn, we cut to Killer in the air, having just severed the magician's left arm with one quick cut. It's an excellent page turn, demonstrating Killer's tremendous speed. It even takes a moment for the attack to register on Hawkins, followed by confusion as to why he's feeling pain from this attack. That becomes clear when Killer reminds Hawkins that Kid doesn't have a left arm, only an artificial one assembled of scrap.

Killer defeats Hawkins

Killer then removes Hawkins' straw doll from his severed arm as he asks if the magician has any remaining dolls within his body. Luckily for the scythe wielder, Hawkins is out of dolls and is just left with manifesting his own straw doll to attack Killer. However, Killer gets the drop on Hawkins again, and in his final moments, the magician attempts to foresee the end of the fight. His deck reveals The Tower right-side-up, and then, in one final attack, Killer ends the battle.

We get a glimpse back into the battle on the second floor, where Kid seems to have recovered while Hawkins narrates The Tower's meaning: "The collapse of the old and brittle. And its hidden meaning is a new way forward." Overall, the Killer vs. Hawkins fight ended as well as it could have. The highlight of course has to be Killer being the crafty pirate he is, letting Hawkins talk his head off before plunging in with a quick attack that cuts the magician's arm right off.

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