One Piece Completists, Rejoice: These 6 Specials Are Headed to Tubi

As one of the most popular anime franchises for around 20 years, it's no surprise that fans can watch One Piece pretty much anywhere. It is available on big-name streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and its presence has helped put them on the map for anime streaming. However, as part of a new partnership with anime giant Toei, streaming provider Tubi is now hosting several One Piece TV specials.

Many of these specials retell important arcs, expounding on them and even telling original stories -- so, for the One Piece completionists out there, rejoice! Here's a look at which specials will become available and what they're about.

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The first of these specials is the 8th in the series, titled "3D2Y." It follows up on Luffy after his brother Ace's tragic death, where he's 18 months into his training with Ruskaina. The episode features an attack on the Navy from Byrnndi World, who seeks revenge for being imprisoned by them after his crew members were revealed as spies.

Luffy joins forces with Boa Hancock to take World down and rescue his hostages. To challenge World's vengeful mission, the Straw Hat Captain looks to master a technique as part of his training. The special ends with Luffy reuniting with his crew, segueing into the show's next season.

Episode of Sabo

Sabo Flare Flare fruit

True to its name, "Episode of Sabo" is a retelling of Sabo's origin story and his childhood with Luffy while also advancing the story forward after Ace's death. Amidst the trip down memory lane, Sabo and several others compete in a tournament held by Doflamingo, with the winner gaining Ace's Flame-Flame Fruit.

Beyond fleshing out Luffy, Ace and Sabo's history further, the special is also crucial for having Sabo inherit his brother's fire, gaining the Flame-Flame Fruit powers.

Adventure of Nebulandia

"Adventure of Nebulandia" has the Straw Hat Crew dealing with the Foxy Pirates, who seek a rematch following their loss of a Davy Back fight. This leads to several of Luffy's crew members being incapacitated and taken captive on the island of Nebulandia. The odds are made worse for the remaining Straw Hats by the island nullifying Devil Fruit powers. Their only hope of recovering their friends and escaping involves mysterious mushrooms and the monstrous creature they grow on.

This episode truly is a "TV special," feeling more like a fun side story than anything that advances or retells the main plot.

Heart of Gold

The Straw Hats encounter a mysterious girl named Olga, who claims to hail from a long, destroyed island. This island, called Alchemi, was known both for its metal production and its legendary supply of gold, making Olga a prime target for the Marines and the Black Market. Only Luffy's crew can keep her safe, but Olga secretly harbors her own, less than altruistic intentions.

Episode of East Blue

This episode retells the origin stories of the five original Straw Hat crew members. It includes Luffy's childhood idolization of Shanks, Zoro being captured by Axe Hand Morgan, Usopp's meeting of the crew and defending his village against Kuro, Sanji's fight against Don Krieg, and Nami's longstanding feud with Arlong. It's the epitome of a clip show, but it does a solid job relaying the founding years of the incredibly lengthy series, refreshing old fans and getting new ones up to speed.

Episode of Skypiea

This most recent special from 2018 retells the Skypiea story arc. Luffy and his crew are transported to the supposedly mythical world in the sky, where they come under siege from its tyrannical ruler Eneru. Local rebels wary of outsiders also try to ward off the Straw Hats. Still, by taking on Eneru and proving that Skypiea is not a myth, Luffy and company look to free his people from despotism.

As mentioned, these are the six most recent specials, so others could likely be added next to Tubi whenever a new TV special is produced.

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