One Piece Chapter 1035 Recap & Spoilers: Zoro vs. King

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1035, "Zoro vs. King," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

In Chapter 1034 of One Piece, Sanji faced off against Queen in one final showdown. The woman Sanji was accused of hurting ran into the fray, looking for her friend Chuji. Momonosuke realized he wouldn't be able to push the island away from the Flower Capital, but he could prevent it from going any further. Queen revealed that he could use all of Germa 66's special techniques by using the Vinsmoke children's abilities against Sanji, including his own Stealth Black. Sanji used his speed to also disappear from sight, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The woman, Osome, found her little mousy friend, turning Queen's attention to her. Angered that she turned him away earlier that day, he went to attack her and revealed to Sanji that he was the one who struck her earlier. Now vindicated and enraged, Sanji used a combination of speed and Haki to create a flame hotter than any before and launched a powerful attack against Queen. In one final barrage of attacks, Sanji broke through Queen's defenses and sent him reeling backwards.

Picking up in the aftermath of Sanji's assault on Queen, the All-Star member is sent flying through the wall and into the air above Onigashima, finally out of the fight for good. We cut back to Sanji, who presents the little mouse Chuji to Osome, who is ecstatic to see her little friend safe. We then see a flashback where Sanji used to feed the local mice as a child. He then begins to ask Osome if she is okay when he completely passes out, with Osome calling for someone to come with a medical kit.

Sanji saves Osome and Chuji

Back outside, Zoro is still going head to head with King, though not without a struggle. He manages to land a serious blow on King, learning that when the fire on his back goes out, he's faster but with lower defenses. The attack also shreds King's mask and we finally see what he looks like underneath.

Everyone around them is shocked as the World Government has a bounty out on King for 100 million berries, but King threatens the onlookers before we learn what that name is. He launches an Imperial Flaming Wings attack, completely massacring his own men in a fiery blaze. Zoro scolds him for this, then begins asking King what he is exactly. King refuses to answer, returning to his Pteranodon form before launching another assault.

King's face is revealed

Zoro is barely able to block the attacks, but manages to do so. He tells King there isn't much time left before Enma completely drains and kills him. King says he can sense the threat Zoro represents. Zoro tells him the Animal Kingdom Pirates have ruled over Wano long enough, but King shrugs this off by saying that Kaido will be Pirate King.

In a flashback sequence, we see a young Kaido in the midst of his escape from prison and finds King chained up to a large machine. Kaido knows he's a Lunarian and offers a spot on his crew for King as his right-hand man. King asks him if he has what it takes to change their world, and Kaido insists he's the only one. As they escape, King reveals that his real name is Alber, but Kaido gives him his new monicker of King.

Back in the present day, Zoro sees that the fire on King's back is burning, meaning that his defenses are up. King launches an Imperial Flaming Wings attack at him, using the moment Zoro jumps out of the way to attack with his sword. Their swords clash, and King's blade shifts into its saw-like form. The thought of King taking his swords enrages him and he refuses to let them be stolen from him. King speeds up again, lowering his defenses and kicking Zoro in the face.

Taking this chance, Zoro slices him down the middle, sending him reeling backwards. King now knows that Zoro has figured out how his powers work, who is launching a barrage of attacks against the Lunarian. He uses his sword to block the attacks, and Zoro notes that King seems afraid now. King counters by saying that humans are biologically inferior to Lunarians. This statement enrages Zoro further, with the swordsman saying that it's just a weak excuse.

Zoro finally defeats King

King says he will remember him as a feisty swordsman, with Zoro saying he'll carve it into King himself. King launches an Extra Large Imperial Flaming Wings attack at Zoro. Not deterred, Zoro stands his ground, launches a 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation, and slices the fire dragon in half, with the attack landing on King and sending him flying backwards, taking out the last of the All-Stars.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Monday, January 3.

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