One Piece Chapter 1032 Recap & Spoilers: Oden’s Beloved Blade

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1032,"Oden's Beloved Blade," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

In the last chapter of One Piece, Law and Kid's victory was short-lived as Big Mom rose from the rubble and began sucking up the souls of her crew. She grew to gargantuan sizes, her eyes ablaze. Scratchman Apoo and X Drake were battling in the basement of the castle after Apoo made a failed attempt of partnering with Drake. Yamato broke through the wall, and Apoo began trying to turn him to his side. Yamato, however, wasn't interested as he was rushing to reach the armory before it exploded. The Numbers member Fuga began swinging at Yamato once it was revealed that he was no longer on his father's side, and a chase began. Robin and Brook were being pursued by two of the masked CP0 agents, and Sanji apparently lost control of himself and harmed a Pleasure Hall worker. Having no memory of this, he runs into Queen and decides that he wants no part of his father's experiments, destroying the Raid Suit canister. Before the chapter closed, he called Zoro, asking him to finish him off should the chef not be himself once the fight was over.

As the chapter begins, Marco is carrying Izo in his phoenix form, asking him what is going on. Izo apologizes, but explains that the announcement regarding the strange creature that appeared made him feel uneasy. They approach the burning castle, with a gigantic Big Mom looming in the foreground. Below them, the pirates are trying to escape the inferno, but the samurai are blocking the way, so they ready a canon.

Marco and Iko flying towards the castle

Meanwhile, Apoo is still trying to get Yamato on his side, but Yamato is too focused on his own task to listen. X Drake is subsequently following Apoo, hoping to stop him. Completing the line is Fuga, the Numbers member. Yamato acknowledges that they haven’t seen each other in a while, but he’s in a rush to get to his destination. Another announcement blares throughout the castle, this time from the Second Floor. The flame-creating creature is heading straight down towards the lower levels. However, it’s not the only thing heading that way.

Brook and Robin fall from above, landing in Fuga’s hair. They are followed closely by the two Masked CP0 members, and they prepare for a fight. Luckily for them, the creature isn’t far behind and passes through them, lighting them on fire. The sight of the creature shocks everyone in the lower levels, and Yamato realizes that if it keeps on its current path, it will hit the armory and set off an explosion while Onigashima is still in the air. Currently in the basement’s second level, there are only three floors separating the creature from the explosives. Yamato asks Fuga for help while Robin and Brook take advantage of the wall of flames the creature has created to escape.

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Brook and Robin watch as the creature floats through the basement

Apoo, however, has turned his attention and cameras towards the CP0 agents. He monologues how the story about their presence will sell, but one of the agents punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Drake notices this and runs over and the agent that punched Apoo hints that the group knows exactly Drake is. Drake retorts back that the agent should just start making some excuses. The agent replies that, "Inconvenient truths are meant to be erased."

Just as he lunges towards Drake, Apoo launches his own attack and sits up. Drake tells Apoo he’s surprised he survived, and Apoo reminds him that he can use Armament Haki. He continues on yelling, but Drake tells him to shut up, asking if they’re going to fight or not. The two charge at the agents, Drake in his Dino form.

King uses his Imperial Deep Pride Stake

On the island surface, King and Zoro are still going toe to toe, King in his own dinosaur form. He grabs the crest on the top of his head and pulls, stretching his face before in the process. Zoro wonders if it’s supposed to do that when King releases it, unleashing an Imperial Deep Pride Stake attack at the swordsman. His head and neck shoot forward like a beam, and Zoro fails to block it, opting to dodge instead. King explains that this was the method that pteranodons used to hunt when they were alive. Zoro plays along before launching his 360-Pound Phoenix, but he knows at this point he's only wasting energy. He seemingly mocks King by suggesting that the flame on his back was also a pteranodon feature,

Zoro fires another attack, but King uses his wings to block it, to which Zoro makes note of. He asks if dinosaurs are like dragons in that they have tough exteriors. King replies that's partially true, but that he's also on a completely other level than most others. He returns to his normal form and attacks with his sword, using his feathered wings in the process. Zoro notes this as well, trying to figure out which race King belongs to, believing that he may not stand a chance unless he can figure it out. As he lays on the ground exhausted, he begins hearing a shamisen and the sword Enma begins burning, searing the flesh on Zoro's arm in the process. He isn't the only one that hears the shamisen.

In the Treasure Repository, Orochi also hears it, except it's coming from the next room over. He slides the door open and it's revealed that Hiyori is the one playing it, though Orochi knows her as Kumorasaki. He thought her dead and explains how he couldn't get her out of his head since her "death." She smiles back at him and says that she is always by his side.

The next Chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, November 28.

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