One Piece Chapter #1031 Recap & Spoilers: Warrior of Science

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1031,"Warrior of Science," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

We open on the aftermath of Law and Kid’s combo attack against Big Mom. Everyone looks on in shock, saying that not even Big Mom could survive such a devastating blow. Law and Kid begin talking about Kid’s Awakened Devil Fruit abilities, which allow him to assign magnetic fields to whomever he chooses. However, he refuses to tell Law how long it lasts.

Suddenly, one of the metal beams goes flying, and Big Mom amazingly rises to her feet, shocking everyone. She asks “Life or Oshiruko?” All of the pirates begin panicking as their souls are sucked from their bodies. She then uses these souls to bring the metal around her to life, also giving up one year of her own life. She begins growing larger and larger until she towers over Kid and Law. She commends them on causing her so much pain then challenges them once again, and they prepare themselves for another round.

Big Mom sucks souls from her crew

Meanwhile, Yamato is struggling to get passed the numerous fighters on the battlefield, so decides to go through the Cave Chamber, where we find Apoo and X Drake fighting. Drake has turned down Apoo’s offer of partnership and is fighting Aloo to repay Luffy. He’s figured out how Apoo’s attacks work, explaining that he uses his hearing to activate them and his sight to aim. Despite his tricks being uncovered, Apoo isn’t phased, not when he has three Numbers on his side.

Yamato bursts into the room, confused as to why the two are together. Apoo begins plotting once again, thinking he may have more luck in getting Yamato to go up against Kaido with him. He calls out to Yamato, but the son of Kaido refuses to hear him out, saying he’s cut ties with his father. Apoo plays into this, saying he has information that he’ll want to hear. This ploy works, but not on the person he wanted it to.

Brook and Robin escape and Sanji is yelled at by women

The Numbers member Fuga hears this exchange. Yamato attacks Drake, who explains that he too has turned against Kaido. Yamato apologizes and runs off, explaining that Onigashima and the Flower Capital are in danger. Fuga begins chasing Yamato and attacking him, further ruining Apoo’s attempt to get Yamato to partner with him. Apoo, angered by this development, calls on the other two members, Ibi and Zagi, to follow him. Drake also follows him, not wanting him to get away.

Back on the Second Floor, Brook and Robin are attempting to escape while members of the Mink Tribe try to hold off two of the CP0 members. The fighters urge them to run while they hold them off, and Brook carries Robin as they fly away. Robin comments that she recognizes their pursuers from Dressrossa, and that the masked agents are the elites among the elite.

Sanji destroys his Raid Suit Canister

As this takes place, Sanji is being yelled at by the women of the Pleasure Hall for seemingly harming one of their own. Sanji insists it wasn’t him, that he could never harm a woman, but we see that she’s bleeding from her forehead. The women begin throwing things at him and continue their verbal assault. Sanji turns away thinking to himself that something is wrong because he made a vow to never hurt a woman. He remembers when he chastised his brothers for doing the very same thing.

Unfortunately, he runs into Queen, who mocks him by saying that the Pleasure Hall is closed. Sanji notes that the weird feeling has stopped, and he begins to remember what happened with the woman. He ran from Queen and came upon the woman in the hallway. She pleaded with him not to hurt her, insisting she wasn’t on Kaido’s side. Sanji seemingly blacked out and when he came to, the woman was bleeding on the floor, looking at him with fear in her eyes.

Sanji uses Hell Memories against Queen

He begins wondering which version of himself Luffy would want by his side as Pirate King. The Sanji that vows to not harm women and puts his crew mates in danger, or the Sanji that is nothing but a "warrior of science" who doesn’t allow feelings to dictate his actions. He raises the Raid Suit Canister he received from his family, exciting Queen. Then, he throws it to the ground and smashes it, never able to use it again.

He then makes a call to Zoro outside using the Transponder Snail. Zoro is annoyed as it’s a distraction, but he listens to Sanji’s request. Once the fight is over, if Sanji isn’t himself, he wants Zoro to end his life. Zoro doesn’t think it will happen, but promises to make it painless and quick. He tells Sanji not to die before Sanji launches an explosive assault on Queen using a Hell Memories attack.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, November 21. 

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