One Piece Chapter #1028 Recap & Spoilers: Brachiosnakeus

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1028, "," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

In the last chapter, everyone was reeling from the effects that Luffy and Kaido's punches caused. Luffy urged Momonosuke and Yamato to escape the roof, but Kaido decided to target them before they could do so. Luckily, Yamato was able to block his father's attack and then taught Momo how to "grab the sky." We learned that dragons don't actually fly, but rather create Flame Clouds and use them to propel themselves through the air. Because of their new vantage point, they saw that Onigashima was not only crumbling away, hinting that Kaido's strength was waning, but they only had five minutes before the island reached the Flower Capital. Yamato quickly devised a plan for Momo to create Flame Clouds to push the island away from the city. Since Kaido's strength is weakening, his Flame Clouds that are holding the island up are beginning to dissipate. Momo's strength should be enough to keep the island from falling, killing everyone around them.

Meanwhile, on the Performance Floor, King was going on a rampage because Zoro managed to damage his mask. His attacks sent Zoro flying backwards, thankfully into Franky, who offered to help. Zoro turned down his offer as King approached them, angered that Zoro nearly revealed his face. He launched a counter attack, managing to take a chunk out of King's mask in the process. However, King also almost knocked him off the island before he was able to bounce back. He chastised King for this, saying to at least kill him by sword. King returned the request, and we see part of his forehead and hairline.

In the Guest Parlor, we see the members of CP0 reporting the appearance of the second dragon to someone. It's then revealed that even if Kaido loses, Wano will then have to face the incoming ships from the World Government, who are intending to bring the country under their control if Kaido loses control. They are also ordered to bring back Nico Robin. We then see who it is CP0 are reporting to: Rob Lucci. As he emphasizes how important Robin is to "the forces of piracy," we see her and Brook fending off a group of opponents, who want to capture Robin.

Above the crumbling island of Onigashima, Momonosuke is pleading for Yamato not to leave him, that he doesn't know how to create the clouds they need to hold the island up. He tries creating them, trying to remember the importance of not letting the bomb that is the island fall. Yamato, meanwhile, is scaling the side of the cliffs, wanting to prevent the amount of damage in the worst-case scenario. For the first time, we see his Beast Form, a large wolf.

Back on the Performance Floor, Sanji is doing his best to fight against Queen. Queen urges Sanji to use the Raid Suit he received from his family. He had used it against King earlier, turning invisible. Sanji thinks to himself that something is definitely off with his body, then denies that the Vinsmokes are his family and declaring he isn't going to wear the suit. Queen launches a Black Coffee Beam at him, but he counters with a Diable Jambe Bien Cuit Grill Shot. The attack sends Queen flying backwards before he transforms into his Dinosaur Form. Sanji tries to think how to get past the pure muscle and toughness that Queen's Dino Form offers. Queen mocks him before hitting the building behind him with his tail, then reveals his Brachiosnakeus attack.

His head and tail shoot out of his body like a bullet, wrapping around Sanji like an anaconda. Everyone reacts in shock, with even other Animal Kingdom Pirates saying, "Is that how that works?!" Queen begins mocking Sanji once again, declaring that not even users of Color or Armament Haki can prevent broken bones and ruptured organs from the crush. He goes on to explain that his leftover body has been equipped with voice-activated launchers. Then, he accidentally activates them in the midst of explaining how they work, getting caught up in his own attack. He then yells at the launchers that they're only supposed to attack when he says Brachio Launchers...before the fire at him again.

This allows Sanji to escape Queen's grip, but all of his bones are broken. He then begins worrying that he might have awakened the latent powers that his siblings display because of the suit. Queen has returned to his Hybrid Form, swinging his sword at Sanji. However, to both of their surprise, the blade shatters upon impact with Sanji's head. Sanji thinks to himself that it sucks and that he doesn't want to be a monster before the chapter closes.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, October 24.

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