One Piece Chapter 1027 Recap & Spoilers: Danger Beyond Imagining

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1027, "Danger Beyond Imagining," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

The rematch between Luffy and Kaido finally began as the unknowing citizens of the Flower Capital celebrated below. One of the Marys spied to the ensuing battle, announcing to the whole island that Yamato had been fighting Kaido and that there were now two dragons on Onigashima. Kaido launched a Blast Breath at Luffy and Momonosuke, but the young lord was able to barely dodge it. His fear of fighting began taking a toll on him, but with encouragement from Luffy and fueled by anger for the loss of his parents and country, he bit down on Kaido's neck and held on as Luffy launched his own attack. Unfortunately, the presence of two dragons caused storm clouds to form and block off the full moon. This in turn reversed Cat Viper and Dogstorm's Sulong forms, allowing Perospero and Jack respectively to gain a brief advantage in their fights.

Luffy continued to encourage Momo, pointing out that he had just bitten an Emperor of the Sea. Momo realized that there was nothing left in the world to fear, and with renewed vigor, was ready to fight Kaido alongside the Straw Hat Captain. Luffy and Kaido launched punches at each other, which caused the clouds to part and allowed the Mink Tribe members to once again assume their Sulong Forms. They both launched powerful attacks at their opponents, finally taking out Jack and Perospero for good.

The new chapter begins with Cat Viper reeling from his final bout against Perospero, warning another mink to be careful not to turn Sulong. Yamato muses that he read about the fight between Whitebeard and Roger and how the resulting clash caused "the heavens to split open." The remaining fighters on the lower levels begin frantically asking each other what caused the rumbling and what was happening on the roof. Yamato then realizes that he wasn't able to fully protect against his father's Bagua attack, a large wound bleeding from the top of his head. Luffy calls out to him, asking him to help "that coward" out, Momo shooting back, "Who are you calling a coward?!" Luffy tells him to shape up, but Momo retorts back that he knows what he has to do.

Yamato encourages Momo, hopping on to his head. However, Kaido charges at them, causing Momo to panic. He prays to Kin'emon and Kiku for strength as he peers over the roof's edge. Yamato pleads with him to hurry just as Kaido swings his bagua at them. Luckily, Yamato blocks it, but the attack only exasperates Momo's anxiety. Luffy calls out to Yamato, with the latter understanding that Luffy wants to handle Kaido himself.

As Momonosuke and Yamato plummet from the roof, Yamato reminds Momo that dragons don't fly, but rather they create clouds and grab them. This helps Momo harness the power to "fly, " and we learn from Yamato that these clouds are called Flame Clouds. Rubble tumbles towards them, but Yamato manages to knock it away. The island is beginning to collapse, hinting to Yamato that Kaido might be losing strength. Momo declares that he won't let the island reach the Flower Capital, banging his head against the lower part of the island in an attempt to push it away from the city.

Yamato explains that it's not going to work, but he can make more Flame Clouds to push against the ones Kaido has been using to push the island along. Momo's clouds should be stronger if Kaido is getting weaker. Momo is hesitant, declaring it's impossible. Yamato encourages him again, saying that even landing on the ground will cause losses. Not only that, but there are large amounts of weapons and explosives on Onigashima, so even if Kaido falls, his clouds will disappear and everyone will die. Momo suggests that they stop Luffy, but Yamato quickly shoots down the idea. He says that they can't let anyone find out about the danger and that it's up to them to keep everyone safe.

On the Performance Floor, King and Zoro are going head to head, with the other fighters trying to stay out of the way. King is swinging his sword wildly, slicing everything around him. Zoro barely manages to block the attack, but is sent flying backwards. Luckily, Franky catches him and offers to help Zoro, but the swordsman turns him down.

Queen chastises King for his chaotic swings, saying that he sliced the dinosaurs butt. King replies that he wishes he could slice his neck instead. It's then revealed that Zoro damaged King's mask, and that's why the Lead Performer went berserk. Nobody knows what he looks like underneath. Franky wishes Zoro luck as he jumps back into the fight, attacking King with an Ultra Archer Tiger Hunt attack. He manages to damage the upper left portion of King's mask before King retaliates. He sends Zoro flying again, using rubble as a cover. Zoro begins falling off Onigashima, but manages to maneuver his way back to safety. He asks King to at least let him die by sword, to which King asks the same of him. We see a portion of King's skin and hairline where the mask had broke from Zoro's attack.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, October 10th. 

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