One Piece Chapter #1021 Recap & Spoilers: Demonio

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1021, "Demonio," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

The battle between Kaido and Yamato came to a head as Kaido revealed more about his son's Devil Fruit: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi-No-Makami. The beast this fruit is modeled after is a guardian spirit of Wano Country. Kaido explains to Yamato that as the embodiment of the wolf, he should protect the country in the name of his father. Yamato, however, counters this, saying it's not the same thing. Kaido continued on, saying he wants Yamato to become a shogun and continue the weapons manufacturing operation that Orochi was leading under his guidance. Yamato again refuses, saying that he wishes to free Wano from his father's tyranny and open its borders as Oden wished.

Meanwhile, Robin and Brook were engulfed in an illusion mist at the Banquet Hall. Robin saw visions of her mother, Professor Clover, and Saul, and for a moment, we are led to believe she falls for the trap. However, she destroys the illusion with her Tres Mano Freesia attack, revealing that her loved ones were actually followers of Black Maria, who is still pursuing the two Straw Hats. Robin asks Brook why the mist didn't affect him, to which he explains that years of wishing his friends had never died made him used to the pain of illusions. Black Maria lights the floor on fire with her weapon Wanyudo as she taunts Robin. Brook figures out the the wheel is being powered by a man-faced dog, and uses his Cold Soul to freeze it. Maria continues to taunt Robin, saying Sanji willingly led her into her trap, but Robin denies this. She then reveals her new ultimate attack: Gigante Fleur. At Tokage Port, Momonosuke fills Luffy in on what has happened up to that point, and Luffy asks him to carry him back onto Onigashima in his dragon form. What the group isn't aware of, however, is that they are being watched from the sidelines by Caribou.

Robin attacks with Sea Serpent Snapdragon

We return to the fight between Black Maria and Robin, with Black Maria once again taunting the Straw Hat. "Aw, are you mad?" She notes that the size of Robin's Gigante Fleur must be exhausting for her, but Robin warns her otherwise. She then launches her many giant arms at Maria, calling the attack "Sea Serpent Snapdragon." The arms latch onto Maria and it looks like the last one is about to crush her head, but she swings what's left of Wanyudo and blocks the arm. The pain still affects Robin and Maria knows this. As Maria swings herself around Robin's giant arms, Robin notices poison dripping from Maria's spider feet.

Maria traps Robin's giant clone in her webs with her Marianette Mariapprehend attack. She tells Robin that she's a fighter who shows no mercy, even to women as she luges towards her. Using her Orian Knuckles, she punches the clone in the face, damaging Robin Prime in the process. Robin once again tries to grab her with her arm clones, but Maria uses her webs to create a Maricade barricade. The Tobi Roppo members then informs Robin that the flames are flammable before the spider face on her abdomen uses its fire breath to ignite them. Maria starts verbally assualting Robin again as she watches the webs around her burn. Maria asks her if she needs Brook to once again put out the flames she has caused, drawing the skeleton's attention and reprimand.

Robin uses her demon form to attack Black Maria

Robin has vision of the past, with Koala and Sabo offering to teach her how to throw a punch. Hack informs the two that Robin is plenty strong on her own and knows how to take care of herself. Robin smiles and says that Koala and Sabo can teach her how to do a palm strike if they are so insistent, to which they excitedly agree. In the present, she thinks about how useful the palm strike has been, then remembers the lessons her friends taught her. She then launches a new attack towards the ceiling: Mil Fleur, Fish-Man Karate Giganteum. The ceiling crumbles around Maria and catches fire. This was merely a distraction, though.

Maria looks up to see Robin in her demonic form: Demonio Fleur. Robin tells her that she can be a demon if she has to in order to help the people who are relying on her. She summons more arms to grab Maria, then uses her head to grapple Maria's head and her arm to hold the spider legs. Maria lets out a final scream as a sickening sound erupts from her body. It's so loud her followers can hear it from their positions. Brook has blocked their view with ice blocks, but a few manage to see through a gap and catch a horrifying glimpse of Maria on the ground, with Robin looming over her in her demonic form. While they are distracted, Brook finishes them off with once final attack. He rushes to Robin's side, who has returned to her human form, exhausted from her transformation.

Momonosuke asks Shinobu to change him into an adult

Back with Luffy's group, Caribou has revealed himself and even given Luffy the meat he was craving so much. Everyone around him is asking him for information on the battle above, but his mouth is so full his words are incomprehensible. Apart from the group, Momonosuke and Shinobu are having a private conversation. Shinobu chastises Momo for asking for such a huge request and refusing to help him return to Onigashima. Momo is insistent, to which Shinobu replies that the effect of the request can't be undone. Momonosuke still persists, saying that it could help him turn into a giant dragon. The chapter closes on a closeup of Momonosuke insisting that Shinobu use the Ripe-Ripe Jutsu to turn him into an adult.

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