One Piece Chapter #1019 Recap & Spoilers:

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1019, "Heliceratops," by Eiichiro Oda, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

The number of traitors was revealed, with over 300 Headliners and Gifters falling under O-Tama's Devil Fruit power. After they began fighting their former crew mates, 1000 of their underlings also turned against the Beast Pirates. This caused O-Tama to become their target, but luckily her "friends" helped her, Nami, and Usopp escape the Performance Stage. Zeus and Nami made up, with Zeus becoming Nami's sidekick. Meanwhile, the members of CP-0 were keeping track of the probabilities, revealing it's 16,000 Beast Pirates against 9,000 Alliance members. Not only that, but they also revealed to the readers that their true reason for coming to Onigashima was to assassinate someone if they survived the battle. That person was Tobi Roppo member Who's-Who. As he fought against Jimbei, he recounted of his time in prison for failing to prevent the theft of the Gomu-Gomu no Mi by Shanks twelve years ago. He was told of the legendary fighter and Sun God Nika, who was said to be the protector and savior of slaves. Because Jimbei was from a group of people who are the target of slavery and was the leader of the Sun Pirates, Who's-Who believed that he would know if the stories were true or not. Jimbei, however, chastised him for his racism and was seemingly able to defeat him.

The chapter opens up on the Performance Floor where Queen and Sanji are going head to head. Meanwhile, Zoro chastises Dr. Miyagi for not removing the bandages before he injects the swordsman, and finally the injection is given. On the sea, Luffy finally comes to, shouting for meat as the Heart Pirates try to figure out what the best method of resuscitation is. Elsewhere, the fight between Sasaki and Frankie still rages on. The Beast Pirate changes from his dinosaur form to his Man-Beast form. Suddenly, the fin on Sasaki's neck begins spinning and lifts him into the air.

Frankie, understandably, is confused, asking if that was how all dinosaurs worked. Using his new-found flight and his Screw Sword, Sasaki unleashes a whirlwind attack on his former comrades. Frankie prepares himself for an attack using his General Shield technique, but Sasaki instead launches himself backwards. Instead of being an accident like Frankie believes, it is instead to give him enough space to create a runway. Sasaki explains that with the more room he has, the more he can speed up and the greater the force his attacks have, then launches a Bulletriceratops attack. The force Sasaki's attack causes Frankie's shoulder-loaded rockets to go off. He counters with a General Suplex, then tries to finish him off with a V-For-Victory Flash, but Sasaki is able to dodge into the air. He's forced into sword-to-sword combat, and his sword snaps.

Frankie retreats, trying to make sure that Sasaki isn't able to reach the Performance Floor. Sasaki launches another Bulletriceratops attack at him, but Frankie is able to fire off a General Cannon attack at him while he's mid-flight. This angers the Beast Pirate, and he vows to take Frankie out with him if he needs to. Frankie launches one last attack, his Frankie Radical Beam, blasting a hole through Sasaki's abdomen. The attack sends Sasaki to the floor, his body smoking and Frankie standing victorious.

On the rooftop of the Skull Dome, Kaido and Yamato are in the middle of their battle, with Kaido praising Yamato's prowess as a soldier. Yamato counters this, saying that he worked hard for the Devil Fruit he ate, but Kaido says that it was never meant for him. Yamato explains that he was hungry and didn't understand that the Devil Fruit would change him, and that he wanted to sail but couldn't swim anymore. He goes on to say that he tried to kill his father numerous times, but was always beaten and that the losses made him stronger. We're shown a close-up of Yamato using his Devil Fruit powers, with a snout and fangs. He says that the cuffs weren't the only thing keeping him on Onigashima, that if he doesn't fight for Wano Country, then he can't call himself Oden. The two final panels reveal Yamato and Kaido are both in their hybrid form, with Yamato's resembling that of a fox or a wolf.

There's a bonus chapter released alongside this week's chapter. Called "A Beautiful Dessert," we're taken to the Kingdom of Alabasta. A feast is taking place in celebration of the kingdom being saved, and the Straw Hats are chowing down. Sanji apologizes for Luffy's bad manners and his stuffing his face full of food and asks if the kitchen is okay handling such a large amount of food. Vivi assures Sanji it's fine and explains that Chef Terracotta was excited about the event. She encourages Sanji to relax and eat, and Sanji thinks to himself how sweet she is, then tries feeding her himself. He walks away from the table, intending on making a special dessert for Nami and Vivi. He overhears a couple of guards talking about how shorthanded the kitchen must be and that the head chef sent out for extra help ahead of time. However, heading to the kitchen, we learn that the carriage carrying the extra help has been delayed due to a broken axel.

The entire staff is thrown into a panic, mostly due to Luffy's insatiable appetite. Sanji steps in and offers his services to help relieve the stress. Chef Terracotta accepts the help, and Sanji warns her not to go too hard on him in jest. He begins cooking and is able to quickly prep a full meal in no time. He continues helping, taking time to flirt with the female staff, and everyone is impressed with his skill. His joy for cooking is apparent and the kitchen is infected with his love for the art. The extra cooks finally make it and everyone is relieved. Sanji returns to the dinner table, acting as if he went out for some air. Luffy finally says he's full, much to the wait staff's relief. He presents Vivi with a desert-inspired dessert called a Roz Bel Laban. Upon tasting it, Vivi thinks on the struggles she went through to save her country. Sanji asks Vivi for a dance, but is interrupted by Nami asking why she didn't get any. Sanji says the kitchen was too busy. As a reward for his kindness, Chef Terracotta gives Sanji a copy of the palace's secret cookbook. The group then sets off for their next adventure.

The next chapter will be available in English on August 1. 


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