One Piece Chapter #1018 Recap & Spoilers: Jimbei vs Who’s-Who

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1018, Jimbei vs. Who's-Who by Eiichiro Oda, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

O-Tama made her big announcement, ordering the everyone who ate her dumplings to help the Straw Hats and samurai fight against Kaido. This caused the majority of the Gifters to turn on their crew mates, adding to the number of Pleasures and Waiters that also joined their opponents. Queen prepared to attack the balcony that O-Tama, Usopp, and Nami were standing on after coming to the conclusion that the betrayal was the child's fault, but luckily Sanji was able to keep him from successfully launching his attack. Queen then revealed to Sanji that not only was he a former member of the MADS, the scientific research group Vinsmoke Judge was a part of, but also that he was a cyborg. Chopper spoke to Dr. Miyagi about a regenerative medicine that the latter has and it's decided that Zoro will take it to get back into the fight. Meanwhile, Jimbei continued his face-off with Who's-Who, who explained to Jimbei that he had once been a member of a secret government organization 12 years ago and was aboard the ship that the Gomu-Gomu no Mi was stolen from before Luffy ate it.

We open on a scene inside the castle where there is celebration about the addition of about 300 Headliners and Gifters to the samurai army thanks to O-Tama's order. Unfortunately, the remaining opposition realize that it happened after she made her announcement and she thusly becomes their new target. They believe that killing her will make their men return to their side. As Usopp and Nami grab O-Tama and try to escape, Daifugu prevents a couple of pirates from attacking them, giving O-Tama a thumbs up when she says hi to him. Zeus asks Nami if he can be her servant again, to which she refuses but says that instead he can be her sidekick. Another announcement is made declaring that some of the Headliners' followers have started fighting for the samurai as a result of their leaders turning, upping the numbers yet again in the samurais' favor.

Number of Beast Pirates and samurai

We then learn that because of the additional manpower, about 1000 of the Beast Pirates have been taken out. After a quick calculation of casualties and traitors, the new numbers are 16,000 Beast Pirates against 9,000 samurai and Straw Hats. The discussion quickly turns to making sure that one death occurs before the fight is over because the target has classified information, though old, and that it doesn't set good precedence to let someone could escape. The target in question is revealed to be Who's-Who seemingly because of his status as a former government agent. "He is fighting Jimbei, after all..."

Who's-Who unleashes a Moon Walk attack on Jimbei, who asks if he has a grudge against Luffy for eating the Gomu-Gomu no Mi, to which Who's-Who replies that his grudge is actually against Shanks who stole the fruit to begin with. However, because Luffy inherited the straw hat and the fruit from Shanks, that makes him the target instead. He launches a Fang Pistol attack at Jimbei, who dodges. Who's-Who then compliments him on the decision to dodge instead of using his Armament Haki against the attack. "Though I'm surprised to see how you quickly you can move on land, Jimbei. You know...For a Fish-Man!" Jimbei retorts that racism against Fish-Men is out of style. After another barrage of attacks, the Beast Pirate says that he has a question for Jimbei. He goes on to say that back in prison, a guard told him that slaves would pray to the Sun God, Nika, to set them free. He then asks if he really exists and admits that he clung on to that legend during his incarceration because of the torture he went through.

Who's-Who talks about Nika the Sun God

Jimbei questions him as to why he asks him, to which Who's-Who replies that it's because he was a member of the Sun Pirates, who were made up of slaves. He then says that the history of Fish-Men was nothing but slavery, to which Jimbei takes exception to. As Jimbei tries to defend against Who's-Who attacks, the Tobi Roppo member explains that the guard who told him the story disappeared a few days later, which led him to believe that he would be next and led him to escaping. The chapter then closes on Jimbei scolding Who's-Who, saying "If you're going to run your mouth about history, be ready for what you're stepping into first." He then seemingly defeats the Tobi Roppo with a Demon Brick Fist, sending him falling to the floor.

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