One Piece: 9 Grand Line Islands to Avoid on Vacation

In the vast world of One Piece, there is an abundance of wonderful destinations to explore. But behind each paradise lies an unwanted surprise. One Piece has its fair share of islands that would ruin anyone’s vacation, but this guide will make it easy for any explorers to avert any unwanted hiccups.

Some destinations will immediately scream danger, while others will appear approachable. Some of the more scenic islands may even be the home to some unexpectedly scary landmarks. Therefore, next time you take a trip along the Grand Line, try your best to avoid these portentous islands.

Kuraigana Island

Kuraigana-Island One Piece

At first glance of all the darkness and cold features, one can already see why this island does not look like it can provide vacation-worthy entertainment. The name of the island literally translates to "gloom" and the dark atmosphere means that sunbathing is going to be an issue. Kuraigana Island is the site of a past war and is currently the home of one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea: Dracule Mihawk.

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The past turmoils of the land left it without any landmarks to explore or friendly people to convene with. The Humandrill population, who are not the most hospitable creatures and are a byproduct of the war, would make any visitor regret their decision to make this island a stop-off in their exploration of the Grand Line. With the lack of entertainment, hostile locals and being governed by one of the Warlords, Kuraigana Island can be scratched off anyone’s vacation list.

Thriller Bark

Upon first glance, Thriller Bark may seem like an awesome island to explore, but once you realize it’s actually an island that's been converted into a ship governed by Gecko Moria, Warlord of the Sea, you should set your sails towards a more pleasing destination. The inhabitants of the Dead Forest have no shadows -- thanks to Gecko Moria -- and avoid being in the sun; so their desire to have fun in the sun is well, non-existent.

If you are looking for a livelier group, the zombies from the Thriller Bark Graveyard may entertain you, until you discover that they have a different agenda planned for your party. Although Thriller Park is a perfect destination for a Halloween celebration, it's hardly an ideal holiday spot.

Karakuri Island

Karakuri Island One Piece

This cyborg friendly, snow-covered destination is perfect for those who are qualified as specimens more advanced than the average human. Karakuri Island was the home of Dr. Tsukimi and the birthplace of the scientific genius Vegapunk. Therefore, there's great history and knowledge embedded in it, but as far as being a vacation destination, it does not sound so relaxing.

Enduring the freezing climate and trying to interact with only cyborgs and machines may seem very unpleasant for some. Karakuri Island provides a perfect base for those interested in becoming better scientists and mechanics, but those skills will not sound convincing in the vacation brochure. Also, since it’s unclear what other islands are nearby, one would be stuck on Karakuri Island without an outlet to escape from the barren, snowy “Future Country.”

Punk Hazard

One Piece_Punk_Hazard

This island is the epitome of deal breakers when it comes to suitable vacation destinations. On one half of the island, you have the Burning Lands, and on the other half, you have the Ice Lands. If the combination of burning and freezing environments isn't enough, the island is also covered in poisonous gas produced by Vegapunk’s apprentice, Caesar Clown. The island is constantly monitored by Caesar’s test subjects, and for thrill-seekers after a life-threatening experience, Dragon Number Thirteen and Smiley will surely make your stay worth wild.

Even if you are lucky enough to avoid all of them, the assassin duo, the Yeti Brothers, will guarantee you never leave Punk Hazard. Everything about the island is the complete opposite of what a vacation experience should be like. Also, the island is under the protection of Kaido, one of the Four Emperors ruling over the New World, so don’t expect to get a warm welcome upon your arrival.

Raijin Island

When traveling along the Grand Line, the navigation from the Log Pose is crucial in determining the right direction to your next vacation island. Unfortunately, if Raijin Island is along your path, then prepare for some never-ending lightning showers. Raijin Island is home to one known resident, Kasa, who offers umbrellas to vacation stayers so they may be protected from the constant lightning.

The island may seem to be “lit” all day, but not to the realistic standards of your average vacation seeker. Given that it is a Log Pose destination, in order to head to a new island, the pose would have to recalibrate at Raijin Island; making your stop there inevitable. If the Fallen Monk Pirates, led by Urouge, were hesitant to go ashore, maybe that is a sign that the island should be avoided at all costs.


This island should only be visited to pay tribute to the honorable pirates: Portgas D. Ace and Edward Newgate. It was the site of the Paramount War of Marineford, and many world-changing events happened that day as well. Given that the new name of the location is Marine Base G-1, in terms of a vacation destination, it still serves as a menacing Marine landmark -- mainly for pirates.

Those who are seeking relaxing vibes will find none here and will, instead, be reminded of the hopes and dreams that were eliminated by execution. Marineford serving as a vacation destination would almost seem insulting to those trying to live the One Piece life. To put it bluntly, the island will leave a pit of emptiness in your soul, provide no entertainment and should only be used as a rest stop before you reach your next destination.

Bowin Islands

Forest_of_Gluttony One Piece

If you have a fear of carnivorous plants, then stay away from Bowin Islands because they're actually one gigantic flesh-devouring entity. Aside from the fact that the archipelago is one giant plant, also known as Stomach Baron, it is also inhabited by smaller carnivorous plants and enormous vicious bugs. The only two people to have survived the island are Usopp and Heracles, but they tend to be busy these days, so they may not be available as tour guides.

The islands do have an abundance of food, but that is how the Stomach Baron fattens up its prey before devouring it, so don’t fall for the unlimited buffet special. (Literally.) In terms of vacation, Bowin Islands do not provide a pleasant experience, granted that the majority of your stay will be a test of survival. The only joy you’ll have is figuring out how to leave this death trap.


Hachinosu is the birthplace of the Rocks Pirates and is still a major pirate stronghold. It is currently under the control of the Blackbeard Pirates and is often described as a pirate paradise. When it comes to imagining a vacation paradise, however, the words "pirate" and "paradise" do not typically line up. Chances are that upon your arrival, you will be looted, probably be held up for ransom, and be used as a workhorse.

The giant skull in the middle of the island should be a determining factor in deciding to not go there, but chances are if you are already nearby, the Blackbeard Pirates will ransack your vessel. If your ideal vacation is to be tormented by pirates, then look no further; just don’t try to kill their pirate dreams.

Whole Cake Island

When visiting the Totto Land island archipelago, the one island you must avoid is Whole Cake Island. Upon arrival, Sweet City may seem like a tourist's dream, but it’s also the home of the Whole Cake Chateau, which is Big Mom’s private castle. Having one of the Four Emperors present at all times is very alarming, especially since Big Mom is known to go on a rampage when her sweet tooth is not satisfied. You also have to face constant scrutiny from Big Mom’s children.

If you decide to leave Sweet City and seek a more relaxing environment, then you might come across the Seducing Woods. You’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by Homies, Big Mom’s anthropomorphic animals, which will make it far from a pleasant forest stroll. Emperors do not provide great hospitality and Whole Cake Island is no exception. There are, in fact, great destinations in Totto Land but do yourself and skip over this delicious-sounding island.

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